Alexi Ogando: Wrong location to Craig

ST. LOUIS -- For the second straight game, Alexi Ogando came in to face Cardinals pinch-hitter Allen Craig. And just like Game 1, Craig managed to get a fastball he could hit and push it to right field to score the go-ahead run.

Ogando threw just two pitches to Craig on Thursday and both were fastballs. The pinch-hitter hit one at 96 mph that was just over the plate.

"It wasn't where I wanted it," Ogando said through a translator. "I was trying to set up for a high fastball and I didn't spot it there. I threw it low."

Craig is a low-ball hitter and Ogando's fastball is one that has high velocity, but can be spotted low. He wasn't able to elevate it enough. Ogando said the plan for the rest of the at-bat was to try to keep Craig off-balance and alter his timing by throwing some sliders. But that was only after the two heaters. So when Craig got a fastball he could hit, he drove it.

"I wanted to throw the slider after that," Ogando said. "But I didn't get the chance."

Ogando has been nearly unhitable this postseason, but Craig has managed to hit two of his fastballs for RBI singles late in the first two games.

"I'm glad we were able to score those two runs in the ninth and come back," Ogando said.