Midland player catches Mike Napoli's homer

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Mike Napoli’s three-run home run in the sixth inning of Game 4 might be on its way to Canada.

No, it’s not currently orbiting the earth with plans for a fiery re-entry into the land of the maple leaf. It actually hit the ground at the very top of section seven in left field of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and rolled into the hands of Jeremy Filipek of Langley, British Columbia.

Filipek, currently a freshman pitcher for the Midland College baseball team, ventured to Arlington with a teammate Sunday to take in his first Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers game. Little did he know that his day-of-the-game purchase of a standing room only World Series ticket would pay for the souvenir of a lifetime.

“We’re both baseball players, so of course, you want to go to the World Series,” Filipek said. “It was just like a lottery. That's really what it is.”

Filipek said he plans on keeping the ball as a memory of his first trip to a Rangers game and the World Series.

“That’s my plan,” Filipek said. “There’s no other reason than it’s just a memory thing.”

The ball will go with Filipek to Midland as he returns to school and his team, but the souvenir from the Napoli blast will eventually leave the country to be shown off to friends and family in Canada.