Ron Washington will watch skies closely

ST. LOUIS -- With the ominous forecast of rain hanging over Wednesday night's Game 6, Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington said he wants Major League Baseball to make a decisive call if the radar reveals a threat of rain delays.

In that case, Washington said he would prefer to postpone Game 6 until Thursday when there is no rain in the forecast. Washington said he does not want a situation where he risks losing starting pitcher Colby Lewis because of a long rain delay.

"If it's possible we can play, of course we want to play. You don't want to sit down," Washington said. "But, if the forecast says that it's going to be bad weather and we're going to play and start and stop; we have an opportunity to eliminate [the Cardinals] and they have a chance to stay in it. And we feel like we have the guy that's capable of taking us to the next step and they feel like they have the guy [Jaime Garcia] that's capable of taking them to the point where they get an opportunity to play an elimination game, also."

Washington is speaking from experience. Game 2 of the ALCS was called about five hours before game time because of heavy rains throughout the day and the threat of more rain that night. Game 1 was marred by two delays in the fifth inning that totaled around two hours. Detroit Tigers starter Justin Verlander did not return after the delay and Rangers starter C.J. Wilson got roughed up after the first 41-minute delay to end his night.

However, once MLB postponed Game 2 to the following day, the rain ceased and it never rained another drop at Rangers Ballpark.

"We want to make sure the conditions are correct, and if we have to wait a day, then we have to wait a day," Washington said. "But, if it's at all possible we can play, I want to play."

The current forecast for Wednesday shows a 50 percent chance of rain starting around 3 p.m. and throughout the night.