Texas fans in St. Louis hope to see history

ST. LOUIS -- Kit Lefevre and Jansen Yarbrough of Abilene drove 14 hours to St. Louis and arrived about lunch time on Wednesday. Others, like Jason Mazingo, Josh Gentry (no relation to Rangers outfielder Craig Gentry) and Cameron Symes of Tyler and Dalton Cox, a student at Texas Tech, flew in to see what they hope is the biggest win in Rangers history.

All of them purchased tickets online, spending at least $300 per seat to have a chance to witness Game 6 of the World Series.

"This is one of three things on my sports bucket list," 29-year-old Symes said hours before the start of the game. "I want to see, in-person, the Cowboys in a Super Bowl, the Masters and the Rangers in a World Series. I can now mark one of those off my list."

Mazingo and Gentry felt like it could be a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

"Even though it's two in a row, you don't know if they'll be back," said Mazingo, a 31-year-old attorney from Tyler. "It's one of the hardest championships to win."

Cox, who is from Abilene but attending Texas Tech, is skipping some school in order to be here.

"We wanted to see this," Cox said. "Given everything they've been through, the losing, the bankruptcy. This is great. It's time to put the little AL trophy aside and get the big one."

Yarbrough believes the Rangers win it tonight.

"It's done," Yarbrough said. "Colby gets it done."

Added Cox: "Colby has been a beast in the playoffs. No Cliff Lee, no problem."

All of the fans mentioned that St. Louis fans have been welcoming.

"It's been great here," Gentry said. "They just want to talk baseball on the train and chat about what's going on. We've seen a lot of Rangers fans in the bars and around St. Louis. We're here."