Game 6 rewind: A look at some decisions

ST. LOUIS -- Not surprisingly, rehashing some of the key points in Game 6 was part of the manager's discussion with the local beat writers. Among the highlights:

* Washington gave no thought of pinch-hitting for Colby Lewis in the fifth with the Rangers up by one run and the bases loaded. The manager said Lewis was pitching well and he didn't want to take him out. Yorvit Torrealba was in the on-deck circle as a decoy of sorts with the Rangers hoping that David Murphy might get some better pitches to hit. But Lewis had been told he was going to hit.

"I wasn't ready to take Colby out," Washington said. "Colby was throwing the ball well. I wasn't ready to take him out."

* Lewis bunted in the second inning and the Cardinals crashed the plate, getting a double play in the process. "He's never seen them crashing down on him," Washington said. "He said he was focused on trying to get the ball down. We had to remind him that he has to see the whole field. If that happens to him again in that situation, swing."

* Washington thought both Alexi Ogando and Neftali Feliz were irratic with their command. Both are available tonight if needed.

* Washington pinch-hit for Scott Feldman in the 11th because he wanted to see if someone could "hit one to the gap." German came in because at that point Washington heard that Nelson Cruz was having groin issues and didn't want to use two players by putting Torrealba in. So he went with German.

* Washington said he didn't consider putting Mike Gonzalez in to turn Lance Berkman, a switch-hitter, around in the 11th. "I thought Feldman's sinker could get us a ground ball," Washington said. "He tried to get inside on him, it flattened out and he pushed it out there."