CJ Wilson talks free agency with Ben & Skin

Rangers left-handed pitcher C.J. Wilson, a free agent this offseason, talked free agency and other topics with Ben & Skin on 103.3 FM ESPN on Wednesday. Among the highlights:

* Wilson felt like he improved overall as a pitcher this season. "You want to be one of the best pitchers and you try to figure out ways to get there," Wilson said. "I realize I'm not there yet. But I want to try to be just as good [as the top pitchers in the game]."

* Wilson said the Rangers offered him a contract in the spring that included a clause for Wilson to opt out if he wanted based on how he did in 2011. Clearly, he would have opted out. "I wanted a certain amount of time commitment," Wilson said. "That was my chief concern. The Rangers offered a time commitment that was significantly shorter than that. I wanted to go through the season and see what happens."

* Wilson figures he won't have any idea who is interested until the GM meetings later this month or even the winter meetings in December.

* Wilson said there's "mutual respect" between him and the club. "I like the Rangers and the Rangers like me," Wilson said. "I pitched well the last two years, threw lots of innings. I feel like I’m getting better and that’s all I can do. I realize I'm not perfect, but at two years of starting I can’t really expect to be."

* Wilson wouldn't put any percentage on his possible return, but said any free agent would want to play for Texas. "Why would you want to play against those guys?" Wilson said. "You’d rather play with them. Plus, they are awesome dudes. The guys on the team, that’s my favorite aspect of this team. I love the dudes we have on the team. They are awesome to work with, they are fun, we can joke with each other. We have a good rapport."