Mike Maddux's return pleases manager

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Ron Washington said he wished pitching coach Mike Maddux well in his quest to become a first-time big-league manager, but the Texas Rangers manager also said he's certainly not upset that Maddux removed his name from the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox managerial searches.

Washington said that with Maddux's return his entire staff should be back for the 2012 season.

"When you've got a guy of his caliber as pitching coach, you don't want to lose him, but you certainly don't want to stand in the way of his advancement either," Washington said. "So, that decision was Mike's decision and the Chicago Cubs' decision. As it turned out, going into 2012, so far one good thing has happened for the Texas Rangers."

Washington said Maddux "means everything" to his pitching staff.

"He makes them believe. They certainly go out there and compete at a high level," Washington said. "I certainly attribute it to both Mike and Hawk [bullpen coach Andy Hawkins]. No one expected the Texas Rangers pitching staff to step up the way they stepped up, but they did because of Mike's belief in them, his work ethic with them and because of his relationship. All of those types of things come into play in the performance of baseball payers. And he's right on in every one of those areas."

All five Rangers starters won at least 13 games last season and the staff finished with the fifth-best ERA in the American League.