Jon Daniels talks offseason with Ben & Skin

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels talked with "The Ben and Skin Show" on ESPN 103.3 FM on Friday. A few things:

* Daniels knows the Angels improved their club on Thursday: "The Angels got better yesterday certainly in the short-term and a decent chance long-term, though the nature of the longer-term commitments is they have ups and downs."

* Did he expect the Angels to make a move like Albert Pujols?: "No. Not really. I was not really expecting that. Anything can happen at any point. What I was expecting is that the Angels would be aggressive in getting better. I didn't see them spending that kind of money. They were, and in some ways still are, the class of the division with us for a number of years. They are a very competitive group, new leadership there and an owner who's in a big market with serious revenue streams and decided to step out and do what they did.

"Just like all of our fans, we're hoping it backfires on them, buti n the short term it probably won't," Daniels said, with a slight chuckle.

* On C.J. Wilson: "We were very interested in bring C.J. back, but ultimately we weren't going to go past four years. We weren't real, real comfortable with pitching contracts, period, beyond that term." Daniels said the club has talked about doing it before and may again, but at this point aren't comfortable with that.

"We hoped like the the fans that if he wasn't going to be back here, he'd be in Miami or the National League or anywhere but the Angels," Daniels said. "That's not our call."

* Daniels said he believes that had the club matched the Angels' five-year offer that Wilson would have returned. But they weren't in that range.

* He reiterated that the club won't let others dictate how it does its business. "We don't believe in making reactive moves or investments we're not comfortable with to keep someone from landing with the opposition. We don't think that's wise.

"Games are played on the field over the course of the summer. They are not played out in board rooms in December. We like our club as we sit today."

* Daniels didn't get into any details on other free agents available, but was asked about Prince Fielder. "He's a fit for everybody on the field, it's a matter how he fits with all the other things -- payroll and things of that nature. We're looking at every possibility to get better. There's not a player off the board or who isn't still out there that we haven't conversations about how they fit on and off the field."

* Daniels stressed the club still believes in Mitch Moreland and that his injured wrist made evaluating him last season difficult.

* On re-signing Josh Hamilton: "We'd welcome a chance to have Josh under contract past this year. He's been a huge part of what we're doing. He's one of the most unique guys in the game in a number of ways -- background, his story, the way he impacts a team. He's a presence in the lineup that is very difficult to find and match, plus he's a premium defensive player and our community rally around him."