How does rotation look with Darvish in it?

Let's assume the Rangers and Yu Darvish's agents reach an agreement before the 30-day window is up (and I do think they'll do that...the Nippon-Ham Fighters have to be pumped to get that huge posting bid), what does it mean for the Rangers' rotation?

As things sit now, the club has six starters:

Yu Darvish

Colby Lewis

Derek Holland

Matt Harrison

Alexi Ogando

Neftali Feliz

And don't forget that Scott Feldman is waiting in the wings too.

So if everyone stays healthy -- quick disclaimer: That would be a change from the last few years where a pitcher or two seem to get hurt near the end of spring training -- that leaves one man out.

Rangers GM Jon Daniels wouldn't speculate on what might happen, but called it a "good problem" to have right now.

The logical move might be to shift Ogando to the bullpen, where he was so successful in 2010 and in the ALDS and ALCS in 2011. But if Ogando can build up his strength, he showed in the first half of 2011 that he can be an All-Star starter.

The club has told Feliz they want to see him as a starter and I don't think there's any sense in messing with that at this point. It's time to see what he's got in the rotation.

Remember, too, that it's still December. Some of this "log jam" may take care of itself through trades (or, I hate to say it, injuries). But what's wrong with some good competition in spring. Let those guys show up and know that someone isn't going to make it. Then we'll see how it goes.

But this club won't worry about where guys are slotted. It reminds me of the Mike Napoli deal late last January. We all wondered how they were going to find at-bats for him as a part-time first baseman and third catcher. Then things changed.

For fun, if everyone stays healthy, who would you move from the rotation and why?