Josh Hamilton talks accountability partner

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Josh Hamilton said Thursday that the first person that came to mind as an "accountability partner" for him this offseason was his father-in-law, Michael Dean Chadwick.

Chadwick takes over that role from Johnny Narron, who was also the club's assistant hitting coach. He left this offseason to become hitting coach of the Milwaukee Brewers.

"I feel like I was fine to not have anybody, but at the same time, if it helps confidence with the organization to have somebody or Major League Baseball to have somebody, helps their confidence in me, than I'm all for it," Hamilton said on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM.

Hamilton said he had Chadwick in mind, but was pleased the Rangers brought his name up as well.

"I didn't want to bring it up because he's my family," Hamilton said on the radio. "I know how I am. I'm not going to work hard enough, if I don't know you, to create a relationship with you especially when I'm going through the season, trying to focus on what I've got to do and all these things.

"So the best thing to do was to get someone I already had a relationship with. My father-in-law was the first person to come to my mind. The Rangers had already thought about that. Who better to be with me?"

ESPNDallas.com talked with Chadwick last week. You can read that interview here.