Texas tops ESPN AL West position rankings

ESPN's SweetSpot blogger David Schoenfield ranked the AL West position-by-position. As you'd expect, the Rangers and Angels are at the top, but Texas gets the higher marks. Here's a look at where the Rangers rank, according to Schoenfield:


1. Mike Napoli, Rangers

2. Chris Iannetta/Hank Conger, Angels

First base

1. Albert Pujols, Angels

2. Justin Smoak, Mariners

3. Mitch Moreland, Rangers

Second base

1. Ian Kinsler, Rangers

2. Dustin Ackley, Mariners

Third base

1. Adrian Beltre, Rangers

2. Scott Sizemore, A's


1. Elvis Andrus, Rangers

2. Erick Aybar, Angels

Left field

1. Josh Hamilton, Rangers

2. Mike Carp, Mariners

Center field

1. Peter Bourjos, Angels

2. Coco Crisp, A's

Right field

1. Nelson Cruz, Rangers

2. Torii Hunter, Angels

Designated hitter

1. Michael Young, Rangers

2. Jesus Montero, Mariners

As for the starting pitchers, the Angels get the three of the first four starting spots (Felix Hernandez was No. 1) and then Neftali Feliz is rated as the top No. 5 starter. The Rangers have the top bullpen Add it all up and here's how things finish:

Final tally

1. Rangers, 56 points

2. Angels, 53 points

3. Mariners, 35 points

4. A's, 26 points

No surprise here: Based on this quick-and-dirty method, the Rangers and Angels will be neck-and-neck. A change here or there at a specific position and the Angels could have ended up with more points than the Rangers. The teams don't finish up against each other, although they do have a three-game series in Texas the final week. I have a feeling that series will may mean a little something.

Again, check out the whole thing here. It's an interesting read.