Mitch Moreland: Prince Fielder talks motivated me

Rangers 1B Mitch Moreland dishes on how he's recovering from his wrist injury, how he fits into the lineup this year, the Prince Fielder negotiations and more.

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On the severity of the wrist injury he suffered last season:

"It wasn't feeling real good I mean I had some mornings where I couldn't even hardly pull my socks up."

There were times where I wouldn't take BP and just try to manage it the best I could that way I could get on the field and play. It's not really my style to go around it, so I just tried to play through it and help out the team any way I could."

On how the offseason rumors swirling around Prince Fielder impacted him:

"That's all it did was motivatate me. It makes me want to go out and really show what I can do and show what I'm capable of to help this team."

On the Yu Darvish hype:

"It's been pretty crazy. He must be pretty popular over there because I think he brought the whole media with him over here. For the most part the on-the-field aspect and in the clubhouse he's fit in great with the guys. He's already interacting, learning English. He knows a lot more English that I thought he would so he's fitting in really well. He seems to be handling everything great so far."