Michael Young glad Magic Johnson in MLB

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Michael Young was born in Covina, Calif., and grew up a big Los Angeles Lakers and NBA fan because of Magic Johnson.

So when the Texas Rangers' 35-year-old designated hitter/infielder heard that an ownership group including Johnson had agreed to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers, Young was thrilled.

"I think it's great for L.A.," Young said. "Having Magic affiliated with the team is a massive plus. I don't think people who don't live in LA can really appreciate how highly-regarded he is in that community. It's a huge deal in L.A. For him to be associated with the Dodgers is great for the city. L.A. is definitely a Dodger town first and foremost when it comes to baseball and it's good to have Magic there. That team's about to take off."

Young said he remembers cheering the "Showtime" Lakers and watching Johnson's memorable baby sky hook with seconds left in Game 4 to help propel Los Angeles over the Boston Celtics in the 1987 NBA Finals.

"I remember watching that game with my dad," Young said. "Every time he was leading the charge on fast breaks, that's what made me like basketball. At the time, you don't realize Magic was a 6-9 point guard, you just see him as the best player on the floor. As I've gotten older, I've come to realize he's even better than I thought he was. Watching Magic Johnson is the reason I started loving basketball."