Ron Washington on Neftali Feliz, toughness, Yu Darvish

Ron Washington joined Ben & Skin on Wednesday for his weekly ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM show and discussed a variety of topics. Here's a sampling:

On Neftali Feliz's first start:

"He was focused and he was in command. Mike Napoli handled him very well and he stayed in the zone, and that's what it takes. He certainly has the repertoire to do what he did. It may have surprised people, but it's the first one and if it can continue then things can certainly be great for the Texas Rangers."

On the toughest Ranger:

"I would have to say at this point it's got to be Napoli. He's been taking a beating behind that plate and got one in the head yesterday and it never fazed him. He just kept on going."

On how teammates motivated Yu Darvish:

"There wasn't any point in the course of that ballgame that guys didn't come off the field and just told him to keep battling, we're going to get you some runs, you'll figure it out. And that's what we did, and that's what he ended up doing."

Listen to the entire podcast here.