Darren O'Day: 'Worst pitch of my career'

BALTIMORE -- Orioles reliever Darren O'Day threw Josh Hamilton an 0-2 sinker that didn't go where it was supposed to and Hamilton crushed it to center field for his fourth and final home run of the night.

"I can say that was the worst pitch of my career,' said O'Day, a former teammate of Hamilton's. "[The] guy’s already got three bombs and I had him 0-2 and I throw it right over the middle. I couldn’t have soft–tossed it any better to him. I’d like that pitch back for sure. You can’t say enough about the day he had."

O'Day wasn't the only Orioles pitcher that served up a homer to Hamilton. TCU product Jake Arrieta gave up two homers to Hamilton, the first on a first-pitch curveball in the first inning. Zach Phillips, who was in the Rangers' organization at one point but never made the big leagues with Texas, surrendered the third one.