AL will save Yu Darvish just in case

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- American League manager Ron Washington said the plan is that Texas Rangers right-hander Yu Darvish will be "the last man standing" for the pitching staff in tonight's All-Star Game. That means he would be waiting in case he's needed for multiple innings late in the game or in extra innings.

"He's the freshest guy we have, so we designated him as the last guy standing," Washington said. "He's had the most time down than anybody."

Darvish was given his last start off to rest his arm and give him some extra time through the All-Star break. He hasn't pitched in eight days.

Washington indicated he'd like to stay away from Felix Hernandez, who threw more than 100 pitches Sunday, and Jake Peavy, who pitched on Saturday, if possible.

"If we need them, they'll pitch," Washington said.

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