Ron Washington takes staff out to dinner

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Just as he did last year in Phoenix, Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington took his coaching staff and their families out to dinner Monday night.

Last year, Washington got emotional when he stood up and talked to the group.

"I did this time, too," Washington said. "I was able to check it a little bit more this time. I finished my speech when it hit me and I was sitting down.

Washington said it's an opportunity to show them how much he cares about them and how thankful he is to have him on his team.

"I just told them how much I appreciated them, their families and how much I appreciate their support of my coaches," Washington said. "I told my coaches how hard they work. I know sometimes these guys (the players) can make you feel like your not progressing, but they never quit. The thing I look forward to most is they never quit, they keep working."

The staff will get Wednesday off and part of Thursday before the club leaves for Seattle, where they start the second half Friday.