Numbers: How Roy Oswalt beat the A's

ESPN Stats & Information (shout out to Scott Beaman Dan Braunstein, Evan Kaplan, Will Cohen, Justin Havens, Jeremy Mills and Brandon Mendoza) took a look at how Roy Oswalt pitched well Tuesday night against the Oakland A's:

* He started 19 of 22 hitters (86 percent) with a first-pitch strike, his second-highest percentage in the last two seasons

* The A's were 0-for-14 against Oswalt in two-strike counts

* Oswalt went to just one 2-0 count

* Oakland hitters were 1-for-12 with four strikeouts in at-bats ending with Oswalt's fastball

There's no doubt Oswalt and the Rangers needed this type of performance -- one run allowed on three hits in 6 1/3 innings. It came against an Oakland team that was hitting the ball well coming in, too. He was in control, didn't get into trouble and held the A's down. Now, his mission is to turn that start into a pattern and find a way to be more consistent.

Oswalt and others talked more about his outing here.