Numbers: How Yu Darvish beat the Royals

ESPN Stats & Information put together a look at how Yu Darvish beat the Kansas City Royals yesterday, taking a perfect game into the sixth inning. Here's how he got it done:

* Darvish threw his cutter to Royals lefties (20 of 27 cutters), generating four outs. Darvish had five outs total in at-bats ending with the cutter, tied for his most with the pitch this season.

* The Royals righties looked to attack when Darvish threw middle-in, swinging at 13 pitches that led to seven outs. In his last three starts, opponents are 2-for-21 in at-bats ending with a Darvish pitch middle-in.

* All six of Darvish's strikeouts were swinging, giving him 40 over his last five starts and 164 on the season, second in MLB (Max Scherzer, 167). Here's a list of the most swinging strikeouts in 2012:

Max Scherzer: 167

Yu Darvish: 164<<

Justin Verlander: 155

>>All six strikeouts on Monday were swinging