Josh Hamilton returns and makes impact

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton said before the game that his left knee was already feeling "90 percent better." It showed in Friday's game.

Hamilton, who was out of the lineup Thursday after getting an injection in the knee, had a solo home run in the third and a double in the eighth. His 42 home runs lead the AL and he has 123 RBIs, tops in the majors. Hamilton has homered in seven of his last 14 games.

Hamilton looked comfortable and was moving around well. The knee certainly didn't appear to bother him.

"That should let you know that you really have no clue what we play through during the season," said a smiling Hamilton after the game. "Just because we don’t tell you about something doesn’t mean we’re not hurting and not playing through stuff that’s hurting all year. That’s how we respond to things. I wanted to make sure and go ahead and get it taken care of while Cleveland was in town so I’d be able to come back and play division."

Hamilton admitted that his focus level "went up" when he fell behind 0-2 with Elvis Andrus at second base in a one-run game in the eighth inning. But Hamilton laid off three pitches outside the strike zone, then fouled off a pitch on 3-2 before belting a double to drive in Andrus.

"There's a lefty in and it's understanding that I don’t have to try to do anything or create anything," Hamilton said. "Just wait on the ball, let it come. That mentality. I’ve been fighting that all year. Some nights it clicks, some nights it doesn’t. I’m glad tonight it did."