ESPN Stats & Info: Lance Berkman a solid DH

Mark Simon of ESPN Stats & Information dug up some numbers on Lance Berkman in a post here. Here are a few of the nuggets they found:

* Berkman was a .323 hitter with a .909 OPS and six home runs in 39 games (130 at-bats) as a designated hitter in interleague play for the Houston Astros and St. Louis Cardinals, and a stint in the AL with the New York Yankees.

He was also 8-for-21 with a home run in six starts in that spot in the postseason, including the middle three games of the 2011 World Series against the Rangers.

* Berkman has historically shredded right-handed pitching. His 1.007 OPS against righties ranks third-best among active players, trailing only Jim Thome and Todd Helton. Berkman had a .998 OPS against righties in 2011.

* One thing that separates Berkman from his peers is his strike-zone judgment.

Over the past four seasons, he’s chased only 21 percent of pitches out of the strike zone (about one of every five), which ranks in the top five percent of major leaguers.

If a pitch is in the strike zone, Berkman will hack. Only 24 percent of the pitches Berkman took were called strikes, the 10th-best rate in baseball in that same span (minimum 1,000 plate appearances).

Again, you can read the whole post here.