Stock Report: Andrus, Berkman up; Lowe down

StreakingARLINGTON, Texas -- It's Friday and that means a weekly look at who is trending up and who's trending down for the Texas Rangers. A look:


Pitchers: If you followed their three-game series against the Astros, you know Rangers pitchers had a record-setting number of strikeouts. They had 43, the most in baseball history in the first three games of the season. It will be interesting to see how the Rangers fare against a much more formidable Los Angeles Angels lineup.

Elvis Andrus: Where do you start? Andrus is a wealthy 24-year old, signing an eight-year, $120 million contact extention Thursday. He's a Ranger at least through 2018, when he has an opt-out in his contract. He's also off to a good start with the bat with four hits in 13 at-bats, including two triples.

Lance Berkman: Berkman has fit in well in the three hole, giving the Rangers a different look with a patient hitter behind Ian Kinsler and Andrus. Berkman has six hits already and he has reached base in 9 of 12 plate appearances. He has adjusted well so far to being a designated hitter.


Derek Lowe: Lowe made one mistake pitch in the season opener and the Astros' Rick Ankiel ripped a three-run home run. It took the Rangers from being down 4-2 to a 7-2 deficit in the sixth inning. No doubt the veteran right-hander can't wait to get back on the mound.

Mitch Moreland: It's early, and there's no reason to panic over Moreland's 0-for-11 start to the season. But you can be sure no Ranger wants a hit in Friday's game more than Moreland.