Juan Gonzalez declines induction to Hall

The Rangers hoped that Pudge Rodriguez and Juan Gonzalez would go into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame together.

That won't happen.

The Rangers announced Friday that Rodriguez will be inducted as the 16th member of their Hall of Fame on July 20. The selection committee made up of Rangers officials, media members and Hall of Fame members also recommended that Gonzalez go in with his former teammate and fellow Puerto Rican, but Gonzalez declined the honor.

Gonzalez won two American League Most Valuable Player Awards with the Rangers and along with Rodriguez helped the Rangers make the playoffs for the first time in 1996 and again in 1998 and '99. Gonzalez had 437 career home runs, 372 of them with Texas.

Gonzalez was hurt greatly when the Rangers traded him to Detroit after the 1999 season. And even though he returned to the Rangers in 2002 and '03, it wasn't the same and he wasn't close to the same player.

Still, a Rangers Hall of Fame without Gonzalez will be missing one of the great Rangers of all time.

Rodriguez was asked about not going in with Gonzalez during a conference call Friday afternoon.

"Unfortunately it happens," Rodriguez said. "Juan is a great person. He's a great human being. Sometimes we have to respect people's decisions. What he did for the Rangers and the organization is something we're not going to forget."

Pudge and Igor won't get their moment together.