Adam Rosales gives Texas infield insurance

No, it's not a high-profile signing of the offseason by the Texas Rangers (give it time, folks, we haven't even hit Thanksgiving yet), but keeping Adam Rosales as a utility infielder at $750,000 (and avoiding arbitration) gives the club someone who can play all the infield positions.

We know Jurickson Profar isn't going to be in some kind of super-utility role in 2014. One way or the other -- through a trade of a middle infielder or someone (I still think Ian Kinsler) moving positions -- Profar is getting everyday time next season. So this team needs a utility infielder and Rosales fits the bill. He's played all four positions and is capable of filling in when needed to allow the regulars to get some rest.

He has made at least 18 starts at all four infield positions in his career and has done a solid job defensively. Again, this won't send Rangers fans cheering in the streets, but Rosales is the kind of piece you've got to have on your team in a 162-game season.