Derek Holland upbeat as he rehabs knee

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Derek Holland has not put his boxer, Wrigley, on the disabled list. He admits he yelled at his dog after he was tripped on the stairs of his home, causing a left knee injury that needed surgery. But Wrigley is still keeping Holland company as he goes through rehab.

"It's a dog," Holland said. "What am I supposed to do? Accidents happen."

Holland said he's frustrated that a "freak" accident could cause the damage it did. But he's focused on getting better. Holland said he's slated to ride a bike -- just pedaling -- in a week and he's still strengthening his upper body. He said the point of the bike work is to get his knee cap on the right track and to avoid using his quad or other muscles that could pull on it.

Holland said he's already bending his knee and is at "90 degrees" on his own.

"I feel very good with the way things have been going," Holland said. "But I can't rush anything."

Holland had surgery on Jan. 10 and talked about how the microfracture part, which certainly has Rangers fans concerned, was different than what Scott Feldman went through a few years ago. Feldman's microfracture surgery was on the femur, a weight-bearing bone. Holland's is behind the knee cap and designed to help heal the torn cartilage. He did not tear any ligaments and says he believes his recovery time is "a quicker process" than what Feldman went through. It was eight months after the surgery before Feldman was back with the Rangers after the All-Star break in 2011.

Holland said it hasn't been determined when or if he'll go to spring training, though he likely would since he could be around the team and rehab out there.

"I want to be with the guys, but at the same time I don't want to be a distraction," said Holland, who does his rehab work at the ballpark and sees Dr. Keith Meister, the club's physician, once a week.

Holland said he's on a strict diet because he can't do very much activity and wants to avoid gaining a bunch of weight.