Myrtle Beach Pelicans luring Russell Wilson

How badly do the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, the Class A affiliate of the Texas Rangers, want Russell Wilson to spend just one day with them?

The minor-league club is offering to contribute $20,000 to the charity of Wilson’s choice and send Wilson and his wife on an all-inclusive vacation that includes golf and beach time if the quarterback and infielder will make an appearance at a game.

They don’t expect him to actually play.

“But we’d love it if he would talk to our young players and maybe help us with a kids clinic and do a Q&A before one of the games so fans can get to know what’s made him successful,” said Andy Milovich, vice president and GM of the Pelicans.

So far, no word from Wilson, who has been busy with post-Super Bowl activities, including the team’s parade through Seattle on Wednesday. Wilson also hasn’t decided when or if he’s going to visit the Rangers during spring training, though he said in December that he was interested in doing that.

Milovich is doing all he can to sell the idea to Wilson, even appearing in a few videos -- sans shirt -- as the Tom Hanks character in Cast Away ( and yelling Wilson, of course).

“It tells me the progress that I’m making in CrossFit isn’t all the way there,” Milovich joked. “But it’s been fun.”

The idea came shortly after the Rangers selected Wilson in the Rule-5 draft. The Pelicans, like any minor league team, were looking for a creative way to sell tickets and figured that Wilson, now a Super Bowl champion, was a great way to try to do that.

The club has enlisted the help of a group of Myrtle Beach companies, who have agreed to provide greens fees, a car, food, accommodations and entertainment for a vacation. Milovich says Wilson can come whenever he wants, but he thinks the Monday after the Masters in April might be fun for Wilson and the team.

“It’s a 50-50 shot, I think,” Milovich said. “It’s a free vacation. Why not here? He’s a great guy and we’d love to have him.”