Beltre ripple effect: rotation, Colby Lewis

Adrian Beltre has what the Rangers are calling a mild Grade 1 left quad strain. They'll let him see how he feels this weekend to determine if he goes on the DL early next week.

To postpone that decision, the club is pushing back Colby Lewis' planned debut. Since he has an out in his contract for today -- meaning he could have taken his release -- the team and Lewis at least had to have a plan in place. They do, and it means Lewis won't start until Monday or Tuesday. That way Beltre can have the weekend to see how his quad responds.

The Rangers' rotation lines up this way for the next five days:

Friday vs. Houston: Yu Darvish

Saturday vs. Houston: Tanner Scheppers

Sunday vs. Houston: Martin Perez

Monday vs. Seattle: Robbie Ross or Lewis

Tuesday vs. Seattle: Ross or Lewis

The news on Beltre, at least for today, was better than some in the organization expected. It does not mean he won't go on the DL next week. But it also doesn't mean he will. He'll see how he feels and the training staff will help determine what makes the most sense. In the meantime, Kevin Kouzmanoff will play third.