Colby Lewis disappointed in Ian Kinsler

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Ian Kinsler's visit to his former big league home came with a little drama.

After Kinsler hit a first-inning home run against Texas' Colby Lewis, he waved to the Rangers dugout as he arrived at first base. As Kinsler rounded the bases he wore a big smile.

When his night was over, Kinsler finished 2-for-5 with three RBIs and a throwing error against the team he played with for eight seasons.

"It was fun," Kinsler said. "I was having a good time out there just enjoying myself and it was a pretty good feeling."

Kinsler said he wasn't waving at anybody when he reached the first base bag.

"The dugout. Just saying hi," he said. "It was nothing personal at all, I was having a good time. It was my return home and to get lucky enough to ... have it go over the fence it was a good feeling and I was just having fun. I was just having fun. I wasn't thinking, I was just enjoying the moment and that's what happened."

There was a difference of opinion in the opposing dugout.

Rangers manager Ron Washington didn't comment on Kinsler's wave but indicated he wasn't happy and that Lewis was miffed by it.

"I have no comment on that," Washington said. "I keep that between us."

Lewis said he was disappointed in Kinsler's gesture but didn't believe it was a big deal.

"It's unfortunate, I feel like it's unfortunate but that’s just me," Lewis said. "I'm not going to sit here and bad-mouth Kins, I really enjoyed Kins and I enjoyed my time playing with him and I enjoyed him as a teammate; disappointed, that’s the word. That’s all. I love Kins, that’s all. I was just disappointed a little bit, that’s all."

Kinsler was traded in the offseason for Prince Fielder and voiced displeasure with the move. In an offseason interview with ESPN The Magazine, Kinsler said he hoped the Rangers go 0-162. Kinsler said he was joking and couldn't understand why there was such a fuss about his thoughts.

In terms of speaking with Rangers general manager Jon Daniels, Kinsler said he had no intention of having a discussion with the man who made the trade happen.

"I know where his aspect of things is," Lewis said of Kinsler. "He feels the way he felt maybe how things went down, I have no idea. It's his opinion, it's how things transpired. He's got his view on it, I'm sure. Like I said, I'm taking it as if he was just disappointment in that aspect of things [on the home run gesture] and not with me."