Yu Darvish's father pleased with progress

Farsad Darvish, Yu Darvish's father, said Tuesday’s win against the New York Yankees reminded him of how his son pitched in Japan.

“He’s been getting closer to what he has been doing in Japan with the movement of his balls and changing speeds and location,” said Farsad, who watched the game on television. “This isn’t a one-game thing. I think he’s been improving.”

Farsad was pleased that Darvish was able to put up a sensational performance against one of the top lineups in the American League. Darvish went 8 1/3 shutout innings on seven hits with 10 strikeouts and two walks against the high-scoring Yankees. He is 3-0 on the season with a 2.42 ERA with 24 strikeouts and 15 walks. Opponents are hitting .255 against him.

“The bigger games, the bigger stages, he gets more focused,” Farsad said. “In his baseball life from very small childhood, whenever the focus gets there and the stage is bigger, he performs better.

“The Yankees are second-best lineup. I think the Rangers are the first, but they are very balanced just like us. They had everything that could put Yu in trouble or win the game, but he got over that. He got the counts and walks in order. As Mr. Washington has been saying: Every game he has been improving. He will have rocky games ahead of him, but he’ll work hard and make adjustments.”

The two walks Tuesday were the fewest for Darvish in four starts this season. He had at least four in each of his first three starts.

Farsad credited the Rangers’ approach with Darvish as a big reason that he’s seen steady improvement this early in the season.

“The coaching staff and front office are looking at it over the whole season,” Farsad said. “They have been working with him, being patient and having a lot of trust in him. I think those things have been paying off.”

Farsad said he was appreciative of how the Rangers’ fans have received his son. He said fans came up to him while he was in Arlington watching Darvish’s major league debut and said kind things to him.

“I thank the fans for how they’ve made him comfortable,” said Farsad, whose son earned a loud, standing ovation from a sellout crowd after he was taken out in the ninth inning Tuesday. “The first game of the season I knew he was being jittery and I thought if he got out of that first inning, it could change and go deeper in game. The way the fans that have been treating me at the stadium, they told me not to worry. He’s in good hands there. They are giving him a chance. The fans make a difference.”

Farsad said he expects his son to have rough patches and that he’ll find a way to get past it and improve.

“His personality all the time in his life, whenever he’s hit a wall or hit some difficulties, he’s been very quick and very fats in finding a way out, especially with baseball,” Farsad said. “Then again, I have to give a lot of credit to the team. His teammates have made him feel comfortable. The organization has lots of tools and options in dealing with any problem that does arise, not only with Yu, but everyone.”

Farsad is looking forward to seeing his son perform at the highest level for the rest of this season but isn’t going to put any kind of goal or prediction of win total or ERA.

“This is the first year and he has a new ball, new hitters, cultural differences and things to figure out,” Farsad said. “I just hope he builds the foundations that are strong with his teammates and the front office and gets to know the fans, how they cheer, and the ballparks. If he gets those parts of it, that will help him next year.

“The season just started. You have to worry about the next game. If you start setting goals, your attention shifts to that. If they aren’t getting achieved, you sweat and put more pressure [on yourself].”