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Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Selig wants season over by November

By Richard Durrett

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- MLB commissioner Bud Selig talked about the 2011 schedule and the fact that early drafts show the season starting on a Friday, which is a few days before it did this year. The schedule would have the regular season end in September as opposed to October, which is when it ends this year.

The schedule includes, at least right now, the Rangers and Red Sox meeting in Arlington to start the 2011 season on a Friday (as reported last week). That is still pending approvals before its released.

"We’re exploring ways to cut the season down," Selig said. "We think that may be one of them, but we’ve got some work to do. We're still debating it. You guys all know how I feel about November. I live in fear of November. Anything we can do to take that 162 games in 181 or 182 days and make things a little shorter. But scheduling is a really difficult thing."

If the commissioner gets his way, it would allow the entire postseason to be played in October and not bleed over to November.

Do you care if the season goes that late or do you think, like Selig, that it should end in October?