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Which Ranger could club not afford to lose?

December, 24, 2013
With the news Monday that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is out for the season, it got me thinking -- which Ranger could the club not afford to lose at a crucial juncture?


Who is the Rangers' most indispensable player?


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You could make a case for several players, but I'm going with Adrian Beltre. No matter who is hitting around him, Beltre seems to be the guy who holds things together. It seems that clutch moments find Beltre, and the veteran just has a way of making things happen. He's superb defensively and was this club's MVP, as voted on by the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of America this past year.

So if the Rangers were in a fight for the playoffs with a week left, the last guy they'd want to lose is Beltre.

Of the current crop, you could make a case for Yu Darvish or maybe Prince Fielder, one of the newest Rangers. Darvish is this club's No. 1 pitcher and a crucial component to any stretch drive and playoff series. Fielder is another power hitter in the middle of the lineup. And if you need any proof as to how important that is, note how the Texas offense did while Nelson Cruz, now a free agent, was serving a 50-game suspension last season. This team needed one more win and didn't have its most productive offensive player in the lineup.

It's your turn. Which Ranger do you think the club could least afford to lose with a week or two left and a playoff spot up in the air?

Joe Nathan loses bet, dresses like Tony Romo

September, 11, 2012
ARLINGTON, Texas – A Tony Romo lookalike trotted out onto the field at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington for batting practice Tuesday to the laughs, smiles and cheers from the Texas Rangers players.

Such is life when you’re closer Joe Nathan and you lose a bet with teammate Mike Adams on the outcome of the Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants NFL opener last week. The Cowboys’ 24-17 victory meant Nathan, an unabashed Giants fan, had to dress in a full Cowboys uniform complete with pads, helmet and, of course, Romo’s name and his No. 9 on the back.

Adams and Nathan agreed that the loser would have to wear it for all of batting practice. And Nathan added the stipulation that the loser had to sign autographs for five minutes after so that the television cameras could get a nice view.

“I regret that I added that,” Nathan said.

Nathan had a jersey with Adams’ name on it ready to go had the Giants won the game. Nathan was a good sport, taking snaps from teammates in the outfield and throwing passes.

Asked how he was able to carve up the Giants defense, Nathan smiled and said: “They are always good. The Giants are the best team ever.”

Adams said he enlisted the help of Cowboys equipment manager Mike McCord to obtain the official uniform.

So how did it feel wearing a Cowboys jersey?

“It feels just like I thought it would – absolutely terrible,” Nathan said.

Nathan said he played football when he was very young, prior to high school.

“I was real small in high school,” Nathan said. “I would have gotten crushed.”

Nathan said that he and Adams may try to get together later in the season for the second game between the clubs at Cowboys Stadium and that they’ll definitely put something on the line then, too.

“I’m extremely pleased,” Adams said. “This is probably the best bet I’ve ever won in my entire life. This is up there.”

The bet came up almost right away, shortly after Nathan signed. Adams has a Cowboys helmet in his locker and is a season-ticket holder. Nathan, whose locker is beside Adams’, noticed right away.

“The first thing he told me was, ‘I saw that crappy helmet in your locker and I’m a Giants fan, so we should have some good bets going on,’” Adams said.

Adams added that he also made a bet with general manager Jon Daniels, who must wear a Cowboys hat during a session with the media sometime soon.

Bigger risk: Josh Hamilton or Dez Bryant?

August, 29, 2012

ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM's Coop & Nate weigh in on who they think would be a riskier investment, Josh Hamilton or Dez Bryant.

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First Take's Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith weigh in on ESPN Dallas' Hot Button topic: Who is the more risky signing moving forward, Josh Hamilton or Dez Bryant?

You can read arguments by Tim MacMahon and Todd Archer and cast your vote here, and discuss the topic here.

Who's under more pressure: Rangers or Tony Romo?

June, 22, 2012

Randy Galloway and Matt Mosley weigh in on which athlete is under the most pressure to win his first title.

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Now that LeBron James won his first title, does Tony Romo become the athlete with the most pressure on him to win a championship? What about the Texas Rangers?

ESPNDallas.com's Richard Durrett and Tim MacMahon debate who's under more pressure to bring home a title.

Mike Adams to catch Tony Romo's pitch

May, 30, 2012
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Mike Adams, a Dallas Cowboys season ticket holder, will catch quarterback Tony Romo's ceremonial first pitch prior to Wednesday's game with the Seattle Mariners.

"Hopefully he hits the target," said Adams, who has a Cowboys helmet in his locker and has caught passes from Romo at Cowboys Stadium after a practice last year. "It's really awesome. It's a cool thing, especially coming from one of the Cowboys players and a premier quarterback. That's neat."

Adams has actually caught a first pitch from an NFL quarterback before, stretching to catch a wide one from San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers while Adams was with the Padres last season.

Adams doesn't plan on giving Romo some advice.

"I'm just going to ask him if he needs me to be on my toes or not," Adams said. "I need to know if I've got to go diving out or anything."
IRVING, Texas – Later today, several Dallas Cowboys players, coach Jason Garrett and Hall of Famer Troy Aikman will head to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington for a home run derby to raise money for the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

Reliant will donate $500 for each home run hit during the event as well as more money for players who hit other bullseye targets.

Garrett isn’t counting on the long ball.

“Took batting practice the other night at Coppell High School and I counted I swung at 42 pitches and I hit 37 ground balls to third base, so we’ll see,” Garrett said.

But Aikman might be another story.

“Then to top it off Aikman is involved in this thing and I got a phone call at 6 o’clock last night that he hit three balls into the tennis courts at Coppell High School,” said Garrett, Aikman’s long-time backup. “Story of my life.”

Most Beloved: Vote for Enamored Eight

March, 18, 2012
Who advanced and who didn't?

Sometimes, love hurts. And while some of your favorites -- Pudge Rodriguez, Michael Young, Mark Cuban, Jimmy Johnson, Ron Washington, Bob Lilly, Jason Witten and Josh Hamilton -- didn't make the cut, take a look at who's left!

Your voting determined our Enamored Eight, and now you have until Sunday to vote and decide who advances to the Fantastic Four of our Metroplex Most Beloved sports figure bracket.

It's much harder this time around. The matchups:

* No. 1 seed Roger Staubach vs. No. 9 Michael Irvin
* No. 4 Tom Landry vs. No. 5 Dirk Nowitzki
* No. 2 Emmitt Smith vs. No. 7 Mike Modano
* No. 3 Troy Aikman vs. No. 6 Nolan Ryan.

Choose wisely by voting here through Sunday. And join the discussion afterward.

Manager's visit with Rick Carlisle inspirational

November, 18, 2011
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Rangers manager Ron Washington got an invite from lockout-bound Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle to stop by the American Airlines Center, visit and talk some shop.

Carlisle has been something of a DFW pro sports ambassador this extended offseason. He's visited with Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett and his staff, sitting in on meetings and film sessions, and he did the same with Dallas Stars coach Glen Gulutzan and his staff. So, after the Rangers lost the World Series in seven games to the St. Louis Cardinals -- and Carlisle, a good friend of Tony La Russa, was in St. Louis for Games 6 and 7 -- the Mavs coach invited Washington to stop by.

"He's a champion. I want to see how champions do things," Washington said Friday in his first media availability since the World Series. "So I went over. I had a good time."

Back in town for a few days before heading back to New Orleans for Thanksgiving, Washington took him up on the offer Thursday and he found the visit to be rather inspirational.

"What I learned when I went over there yesterday is how to continue to hope, how to continue to believe, how to continue to keep working so when things do come together you're ready and prepared," Washington said. "That's what it's all about."

Washington said he and Carlisle's staff sat around a table and talked a lot of basketball and baseball. The manager said Carlisle and his coaches continue to work even though the lockout persists with no end in sight.

"At least hey're still meeting, they're still putting stuff on boards, they're still talking about basketball," Washington said.

OTL examines sports deflation in Big D

November, 1, 2011

ESPN's Outside The Lines explored recent sports letdowns in the Dallas area with Mavs center Tyson Chandler and ESPN Dallas' Richard Durrett and Calvin Watkins. The show discussed the Mavs' championship defense being on hold, the Rangers' World Series heartbreak and the Cowboys' less-than-inspiring start. Watch Part I above and Part II here.
ARLINGTON - Roger Staubach led the Cowboys to a couple of Super Bowl championships, and more fourth-quarter comebacks than we could remember.

But throwing out the first pitch in Game 5 of the World Series has him a tad nervous. About an hour before the game, Staubach actually hooked up with former Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers to get a few practice tosses in before the moment of truth.

"I've done it in the regular season before," he said with a laugh, "but this is a little different. The crowd has been fantastic. They're loud and they're into the game. I think they might even be a little more into it than they were last year."

Staubach attended Game 4 on Sunday after watching DeMarco Murray rush for a franchise-record 253 yards against St. Louis at Cowboys Stadium.

"It was a great performance," Staubach said. "He's faster than I thought. We've got a young offensive line, but once they get a little playing time together and we get everyone back, I think we're going to have a pretty good football team."

Which team is king of the hill in DFW?

October, 23, 2011
With the success and popularity of the local sports teams, ESPNDallas.com debates which Dallas-Fort Worth area team is the king of the hill. What do you think?

Michael Young: What second-guessing?

October, 18, 2011
ST. LOUIS -- If fans managed the Texas Rangers, Michael Young would have been hitting ninth, if at all, during the ALCS. As the club's cleanup hitter struggled to produce hits, manager Ron Washington daily brushed off questions about getting Young out of there.

The manager never did and Young, a .338 hitter during the regular season, rewarded his patience with a monster Game 6 to clinch a second consecutive trip to the World Series.

Young says he never paid attention to the second-guessing because he didn't know there was any. He claims not to read the written word or watch any of those highlight shows on TV.

But, if there was a bunch of second-guess noise out there, Young said he's good with that.

"That’s what makes the postseason so much fun for fans," Young said. 'They’re emotionally invested and that’s pretty cool."

Young's a sports fan, too, he said, and guess what? He second-guesses his favorite teams, too.

"My Lakers got their ass whooped and I was second-guessing the whole damn organization," the Southern California native said, referencing the embarrassing 4-0 sweep of Kobe Bryant and company by the Dallas Mavericks.

Young also said he's a Cowboys fan and he watched the entirety of their 20-16 loss Sunday to the Patriots, from the red-zone failings to the ultra-conservative play-calling late that ultimately doomed Dallas.

Plenty of second-guessing to go around there, huh, Michael?

"Um," Young said, eyeballs rolling skyward, "nope, nope, nope."

Mike Adams throws passes to Cowboys

August, 23, 2011
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Rangers reliever Mike Adams stopped by Cowboys practice Tuesday and was surprised to find himself on the field, throwing passes during drills.

"Jon Kitna asked if I wanted to go out there," Adams said. "It was neat. That made my day."

Adams doesn't try to hide the fact that he's a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. He's talked about wagering with Rangers general manager Jon Daniels, a big Giants fan, on the outcome of the games the two teams play this season. Adams, who is from Corpus Christi and went to Texas A&M-Kingsville, has plenty of Cowboys jerseys and walked into the clubhouse on Tuesday wearing a Cowboys T-shirt.

"It was awesome," Adams said. "I just wanted to go meet some guys and get some stuff signed. I don't know who I was throwing too, I just wanted to make sure I made a good throw."

Adams said his favorite Cowboys players were Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders, and his current favorites are Tony Romo, Jason Witten and Miles Austin.

"I'm a complete fan," Adams said. "There's a pro level and then there's a fan level, and I'm on the fan level over there. They said they were following us. Romo, Miles, Jason all said they were keeping up a little bit and pulling for us."

Adams ran into Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones on his way out.

"He said I had an open invitation any time I had a few free minutes," Adams said.

But the reliever doesn't need tickets. He's a season-ticket holder, though he knows he could miss some games this year because of baseball playoff games. Adams said he's hopeful some of the Cowboys players will come over and take batting practice at some point.

Together again: Miles Austin, Mike Adams

August, 2, 2011

Amy K. Nelson joins First Take to reveal the relationship between Cowboys receiver Miles Austin and new Rangers reliever Mike Adams.

Ian Kinsler loyal to Cowboys, Cardinals

February, 18, 2011
SURPRISE, Ariz. – Ian Kinsler said he was just showing his loyalty to the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals when he mentioned two Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday in an effort to explain why he feels Michael Young will join the team this weekend.

Kinsler said Thursday: “This isn't DeSean Jackson or Michael Vick or Manny Ramirez. Michael Young is a professional. It would be completely out of his personality not to be here."

Kinsler said Friday that he’s been a Cardinals fan his entire life, but has added the Cowboys to his list of favorite teams.

“I would never say Beanie Wells or T.O. or anyone with the Cowboys or Cardinals,” Kinsler said. “I’ve always been a Cardinals fan because it’s home, but when you move to Dallas, honestly, you really have no choice.”

Kinsler said he’s met Cowboys tight end Jason Witten a few times at charity events and used to attend two or three Cowboys games each season when Vernon Wells was hosting tailgate gatherings. Kinsler also went to the Super Bowl earlier this month at Cowboys Stadium.



Colby Lewis
10 5.12 123 158
BAA. Beltre .322
HRA. Beltre 18
RBIA. Beltre 71
RA. Beltre 77
OPSA. Beltre .874
ERAC. Lewis 5.12
SOY. Darvish 182