Reports: Prince Fielder to sign with Tigers

Prince Fielder won't be playing first base for the Texas Rangers. As reports this afternoon indicate, Fielder has agreed to terms with the Detroit Tigers on a nine-year deal worth $214 million.

Say what you want about Scott Boras, but despite having to wait the market out, he got a long-term deal and big bucks for his client. That's his job. And when many (including me) didn't think he'd be able to do it, he did.

The Rangers met with Fielder earlier this month in Irving and were certainly interested in the slugger. But after signing Yu Darvish, the club's budget tightened. Still, there was talk that if Fielder would sign a shorter-term deal, the Rangers could jump back in. That didn't happen. Fielder gets a nine-year deal and the team that the Rangers beat in the ALCS in 2011 adds a big bat to the lineup.

For those wondering, the Rangers play the Tigers during the first road trip of the season, April 19-22 at Comerica Field. The Tigers come to Arlington for the first time June 25-27 (and again August 10-12).