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Daniels: Nelson Cruz doesn't owe club

December, 10, 2013
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Some Texas Rangers fans may feel like outfielder Nelson Cruz owes the franchise after he missed 50 games last season for a club that sorely missed his offensive production. Cruz returned for Game 163, but didn't have a hit as the Rangers' season ended earlier than they expected.

But general manager Jon Daniels does not share that opinion.

"He had a decision to make," Daniels said late Tuesday afternoon. "I think one of the byproducts of that decision was that it impacted the club. There’s no two ways around that. But we all understood the position he was in. I can’t speak for everybody, but I don’t view it that way. I don’t think he owes us.

"I think he likes being here. He may factor that in. It’s been an overall positive relationship over the years. I don’t think one side owes the other."

Daniels said there was "nothing new" to report on Cruz. The club met with Adam Katz, Cruz's agent, on Monday and communication lines are still open. Sources indicated earlier Tuesday that the price for Shin-Soo Choo was at a level that was higher than the Rangers wanted to pay and that the club was leaning toward Cruz at this point. But the question is whether the two sides can agree on a deal that makes sense.

Daniels and his staff continue to survey the market to see what is out there and if it fits with the club.

“There are good players out there, but do we want to pay what it would cost in contract or young players?” Daniels said. “Does it make sense for us right now? There are a few select guys we’re still keeping tabs on. But we’re not involved with as many of the big names as we’re rumored to be.”

Other notes:

* Daniels said he met with some teams and agents Tuesday, but had nothing specific to report.

* The Rangers may add some depth to the bullpen, but Daniels said they aren’t really involved in bullpen additions. “If anything, we’ve fielded calls on our guys,” Daniels said.

* Tanner Scheppers is preparing as if he’ll start. “He’s interested in starting, but he’s also interested in closing,” Daniels said. “We know he’s pretty dominant in the eighth inning.” It’s more likely Robbie Ross starts in spring training than Scheppers.

* Daniels said they won't just bring an outfielder in as a "safety net" for Michael Choice, but said there's a "good chance" they'd bring in a veteran guy if he fits with the club.

* Daniels said just because the team may have missed on some injured players in the past, they're not hesitant to do it again. Daniels mentioned Milton Bradley and Eric Gagne were successes on that front and he believes Joakim Soria will be as well. He also noted that Lance Berkman and Brandon Webb were not. "When you take those kinds of chances, you know there's added risk involved," Daniels said. "But we're not afraid to go down that path again. You go in knowing you have a chance to miss, but you hit pretty big when you get an impact player on a small deal like that."

* Daniels and manager Ron Washington will attend a Wednesday morning presentation by MLB regarding replay and how everything will work.

Hall of Fame ballot has Ranger connections

November, 26, 2013
The Texas Rangers are well represented in the 2014 Hall of Fame ballot released today, headlined by one of the newest names on the list, Greg Maddux, who has consulted with the team the past two seasons. Maddux's brother, Mike, is the pitching coach for the Rangers. Greg is a four-time Cy Young Award winner.

Of course, there are plenty of former Ranger players on the ballot, too. That includes left-handed pitcher Kenny Rogers and power-hitters Rafael Palmeiro and Sammy Sosa, who are hurt by their connections to PEDs. Eric Gagne, who pitched for the club in 2007 and was traded to Boston in the deal that brought Engel Beltre and David Murphy (along with Kason Gabbard), is also on the ballot.

There are about 600 voters this year. To cast a ballot, you must have been a Baseball Writers' Association of America member for 10 consecutive years. Ballots must be in by the end of the year and the results will be announced Jan. 8.

Adrian Beltre reacts to Eric Gagne's PED claims

September, 26, 2012
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre said former teammate Eric Gagne should have named names when he alleged that 80 percent of his Los Angeles Dodger teammates were using performance-enhancing drugs in a new biography.

Gagne, whose book is in French and titled: "Game Over: The Story of Eric Gagne," admitted using human growth hormone over five cycles in a three-year period toward the end of his career.

"He should have mentioned names," Beltre said. "I know for sure I'm not one of them. I haven't read the book. I'm not interested in it. He should have come up with names instead of a percentage."

Beltre, who was teammates with Gagne when the pitcher won the Cy Young in 2003, said he doesn't have any interest in reading the book, especially when informed it's in French.

"My French is not too good," Beltre said. "Everybody has the right to say whatever they say. If they feel the need to write a book about it, what can I say?"

Read the full story here.

Free agent outlook: Brandon Webb

December, 5, 2010
ORLANDO -- We continue our look at possible free-agent options for the Rangers with starter Brandon Webb.

Webb, 31, has pitched a total of four innings in the last two seasons thanks to shoulder issues that resulted in surgery in August 2009. He missed all of 2010 because of it, but is motivated to return and show that he can still be productive.

Webb was the Cy Young Award winner in 2006 and an All-Star for three years leading up to the injury. He had an ERA hovering around 3.00 in 2006, 2007 and 2008. The sinkerball pitcher's agent says he'll be ready for spring training.

Clearly, this is a risk. But it falls in line with the Rangers' previous low risk-high reward deals. They've had more successes than failures in that department recently (see Vladimir Guerrero, Eric Gagne, Eddie Guardado, among others) and if Webb regains even most of his effectiveness, he be a big addition to the rotation. He won 22 games in 2008, his last full season. That's too good to ignore.

What are your thoughts on Webb? Should the Rangers make a play for him?



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