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Matt Harrison would relish chance vs. Angels

September, 19, 2012
Rangers lefty Matt Harrison comments on not getting a chance to pitch against the Angels, the rivalry between the two teams, how extra rest rejuvenated him and more.

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On not getting to pitch against the Angels:

Well I'd definitely love to pitch in one of these games. ... These are going to be some intense games. They're going to be coming after us as hard as they can because they're trying to play for a spot in the playoffs.

On how much the extra rest helped:

I think it was huge for me, especially when you get that day off and get an extra day to get a little fatigue out of my body and get my legs back under me. Any time you get some rest in September, it could definitely help you a lot when you go into that stretch run at the end of the season.

Nolan Ryan: Josh Hamilton giving at-bats away

July, 24, 2012

Texas Rangers president and CEO Nolan Ryan joined Galloway & Company on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM on Monday to discuss the injuries facing his team's rotation and the struggles of Josh Hamilton so far in July.

Rangers president Nolan Ryan weighs in on the team's ravaged rotation, potential trade prospects, Josh Hamilton's slump and more.

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Said Ryan:
"I think we’re all seeing the same thing. You're right that some of his at bats aren't very impressive from the standpoint that he doesn't work deep into the count. He's swinging at a lot of bad pitches. He just doesn't seem to be locked in at all. So what you're hoping is that his approach will change and he'll start giving quality at-bats because there's a lot of those at-bats that he just gives away.

One of the things I've always commented on is I can't ever say that I ever saw Henry (Hank) Aaron give an at-bat away. I think as a hitter, you have to go up there and you have to focus on the guy that you're facing and what he's been doing as far as the game's concerned and try to engage what your attempt to do as far as getting a hit off him."



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