Texas Rangers: Jim Bowden

Bowden: Some trade proposals for Texas

June, 20, 2013
ESPN.com's Jim Bowden, a weekly guest on Fitzsimmons & Durrett on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM, has a couple of trade proposals involving the Texas Rangers. You can read his post here (insider). He mentioned one of them on the air. Here's that proposal:

ESPN Insider and senior baseball analyst Jim Bowden joins Fitzsimmons & Durrett to discuss some interesting trade ideas for the Rangers.

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Justin Grimm, Joey Gallo, Lewis Brinson and Jorge Alfaro for Jake Peavy and Alex Rios. Bowden's thought is that the Rangers get a piece for their rotation in Peavy, who isn't just a half-season rental and should return soon from a rib injury, and they get Rios to plug in to the outfield (especially important should MLB end up suspending Nelson Cruz, which is still a big unknown).

I can't see this ever happening simply because from a Ranger perspective it's way too much to give up for those two players, even though both are under contract next season too. We're talking about three of the club's top lower-level prospects. That's not going to happen. But as Bowden points out, consider it more of a starting point in that the White Sox want to rebuild and could use the Rangers' farm system to do it with a package that might not include all of those players, but some of them. If you're Chicago, you're trying to get as much as you can. It just won't be all four of those players.

Bowden also mentions the possibility of Jurickson Profar for Cliff Lee. As we've talked about on this blog and on Fitzsimmons & Durrett, the Rangers should be able to make a strong play for Lee without giving up Profar. And there's no way they're making that deal if it means trading Profar. Not for a 34-year-old pitcher on the back end of a large contract. How good the prospect package is to Philadelphia is probably based on how much of the $25 million a year the Rangers have to absorb of Lee's deal. He's got two more years on the deal plus another season that can vest. He doesn't come cheap, even before you talk prospects.

Your thoughts? Any interest in Peavy or Rios? What package would you put together to get them?

Bowden: Proposed Giancarlo Stanton trade

December, 28, 2012
ESPN.com's Jim Bowden wrote about five trades he'd like to see made before the offseason ends. It includes the Texas Rangers trading for Giancarlo Stanton. Here's part of Bowden's proposal (insider):

1. Texas Rangers-Miami Marlins trade
Rangers give up: Jurickson Profar, Mike Olt and Martin Perez
Acquire: Giancarlo Stanton and Ricky Nolasco

I could see them parting with Profar in a deal for Stanton, as he is younger, cheaper and better than Upton. Additionally, the Rangers need another starter, and Nolasco would fit in nicely in the back end of their rotation while Stanton would provide the power in the cleanup spot lost when Hamilton departed to the Angels.

We've talked on this blog at length about Stanton and I'd be willing to part with Profar to get him. This is a lot of prospects to send Miami's way, but Stanton is a special player. He's also affordable right now. I just can't see the Marlins making the deal. But Stanton sure would look good in the Rangers' lineup for years to come.

Profar can only be dealt for the right deal and a special player. Stanton is one of those players, in my mind.

You can read the rest of what Bowden says about the trade proposal and his other offers here (insider).

Bowden: Deals that should have happened

August, 4, 2012
ESPN.com's Jim Bowden put together the deals he believes should have happened at the trade deadline and includes Cliff Lee. The trade he proposed: Mike Olt and Cody Buckel for Lee. Part of what Bowden wrote:
With Felix Hernandez not on the trade market, the only No. 1 starter that could be had is Lee of the Phillies. Mike Olt would solve the Phillies’ third base position and fifth spot in the lineup for the next decade while Buckel should develop into a middle-of-the-rotation starter. With a revised rotation of Lee, Dempster, Harrison, Darvish and Holland, the Rangers would be poised for a third chance at a World Series championship.

Despite a five-game lead in the AL West, Randy Galloway doesn't feel confident about the Rangers. Are they in jeopardy of losing the division?

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We now know that Lee was claimed off waivers by the Los Angeles Dodgers and was then pulled back. But what Bowden doesn't mention in his analysis is the money. And the money is a big deal.

Not only would the Rangers have had to be willing to deal a top prospect like Olt, but the Phillies, according to reports, weren't willing to take on much of Lee's remaining contract. Sure, the Rangers have an ownership group willing to spend. But the Rangers are in position for another run at a World Series because they've spent smartly (for the most part). Lee has three more years at $25 million each on his deal and an option year at $27.5 million for 2016 (with a $12.5 million buyout).

Some of you asked me why the money was such a big deal when the Rangers offered Lee such a large contract after the 2010 season. But part of the point of that kind of deal would be to get the benefit of the first two seasons of the agreement, when Lee would be at his youngest in the life of the contract. So in no way would you give Lee the deal that was on the table nearly two years ago. And paying Lee's entire remaining contract could hamstring the club from signing other players in future years.

So it didn't come together and it looks like Lee will be with Philadelphia for the rest of the season. It should be interesting to see what the Phillies do in the offseason.

Jim Bowden: Rangers fall behind Angels

July, 28, 2012

Senior baseball analyst for ESPN Insider and former major league GM Jim Bowden argues that no matter what the Rangers do before the trade deadline, there's no way they can match the Angels.

Bowden writes that the move for Zack Greinke makes the Angels a club that is set up perfectly for postseason success, and is one that may come back to haunt the Rangers. Here's an excerpt:

Whether the Texas Rangers, who also were in on Greinke, played "chicken" and lost, or just weren’t willing to part with prospects Jurickson Profar, Martin Perez or Mike Olt can be debated for years depending on who you talk to, but only Rangers GM Jon Daniels and Brewers GM Doug Melvin know for sure.

The Rangers are now put a precarious position because there really isn’t a second choice to Greinke, a former American League Cy Young Award winner. Cole Hamels re-signed with the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs right-hander Ryan Dempster seems committed to making a deal to the Los Angeles Dodgers work out, and Dempster's teammate Matt Garza is dinged up until after the deadline.
You can read the rest of the Insider content here.

Grade the Rangers this offseason

February, 18, 2012
ESPN.com's Jim Bowden gave out grades to the American League teams for how they did this offseason. His Rangers grade: A-. Here are his thoughts:
The Rangers decided that Darvish is a No. 1 starter and worth $34.2 million more than C.J. Wilson, who won 15 games last year and helped them to back-to-back World Series. The Rangers strongly believe in Darvish, and their judgment has been dead-on the last few years. Signing Nathan to take over as their closer is a bargain if he’s 100 percent healthy. If the final six weeks of last season were any indication, Nathan is back.
If you want to see Bowden's grades for the AL West and the rest of his Rangers thoughts, click here (insider).

My grade: B+

The reason I give a B is I included getting long-term deals done with some of the core group as part of my grade going into the offseason. So it's not fair to alter that now. The bottom line: The club did a good job of bundling some of the arbitration years on some of the contracts (Nelson Cruz, Elvis Andrus), but they didn't sign anyone into their free-agent years. Of course, it's not too late to do that and my grade might be adjusted once spring training is if they've done so.

But they get high marks for getting the Darvish deal done. We don't know fully how good a move that may be, but they trusted their scouts and got big-time backing from management. The club also acquired Joe Nathan and the scouts I've talked to that are outside the organization really liked that move and believe he'll pitch more like he did in the second-half of 2011. I also like the minor-league deals for Brad Hawpe and Conor Jackson. Something tells me one of those guys will do something this spring to make the squad. We'll see.

Overall, after losing C.J. Wilson to the Angels and watching L.A. grab Albert Pujols on the final day of the winter meetings, the Rangers still managed to construct a team that is once again a favorite in the AL.

But how would you grade the Rangers' offseason? Do they get an A? How much is your grade for them impacted by what the Angels did?



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