Texas Rangers: Reid Ryan

Report: Astros owner talks to Nolan Ryan

November, 15, 2013
Houston Astros owner Jim Crane confirmed to the Houston Chronicle that he has reached out to Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan since Ryan left the Rangers. But no offer has been made to join the Astros, according to the report. Ryan's son, Reid, is the club's president of business operations.

"I have talked to Nolan," Crane told the Chronicle on Thursday. "We haven’t really discussed anything about him joining the team yet. But that certainly could be a possibility down the road. It depends what Nolan wants. ... As far as an offer of us talking about a position, we haven’t done that."

Ryan's joining the Astros could certainly make some sense with his history in the organization and with one of his sons there. But Ryan indicated last month when he announced his resignation from the Rangers that he wanted to take some time away and wasn't sure what he wanted to do.

Ryan is also mulling a run for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, as he confirmed to ESPN Dallas earlier this month.

Reid Ryan doesn't expect Nolan to join him

May, 20, 2013
Reid Ryan joins Fitzsimmons & Durrett to discuss his new position with the Houston Astros and whether he could see his dad, Nolan, joining him there in the future.

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Houston Astros new president and CEO Reid Ryan was on Fitzsimmons & Durrett on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM on Monday and said there were "some hurt feelings" and "differences of opinions" within the Rangers organization, but believes things are fine now between his father, Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan, and the club. Reid added that he doesn't expect his father to join him in Houston.

"I think when he decided to stay, he did it for several reasons. One, when you start to build something you want to see it through to the finish line," Ryan said. "That loss in 2011, it was gut-wrenching on a lot of levels for a lot of people in the organization. Everybody went away doing everything in their power to try to get back. Getting that close motivates you. He knows how good the team is there and he has a couple of years left on his contract. I think honestly he enjoying what he's doing. There were some differences of opinions. There were some hurt feelings, a lot of issues that kind of popped up at an inopportune time, but I think all that stuff is water under the bridge and people have been able to repair those relationships.

"I really don't see him making a change with what he's doing right now."



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