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March, 18, 2012
Who advanced and who didn't?

Sometimes, love hurts. And while some of your favorites -- Pudge Rodriguez, Michael Young, Mark Cuban, Jimmy Johnson, Ron Washington, Bob Lilly, Jason Witten and Josh Hamilton -- didn't make the cut, take a look at who's left!

Your voting determined our Enamored Eight, and now you have until Sunday to vote and decide who advances to the Fantastic Four of our Metroplex Most Beloved sports figure bracket.

It's much harder this time around. The matchups:

* No. 1 seed Roger Staubach vs. No. 9 Michael Irvin
* No. 4 Tom Landry vs. No. 5 Dirk Nowitzki
* No. 2 Emmitt Smith vs. No. 7 Mike Modano
* No. 3 Troy Aikman vs. No. 6 Nolan Ryan.

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ARLINGTON - Roger Staubach led the Cowboys to a couple of Super Bowl championships, and more fourth-quarter comebacks than we could remember.

But throwing out the first pitch in Game 5 of the World Series has him a tad nervous. About an hour before the game, Staubach actually hooked up with former Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers to get a few practice tosses in before the moment of truth.

"I've done it in the regular season before," he said with a laugh, "but this is a little different. The crowd has been fantastic. They're loud and they're into the game. I think they might even be a little more into it than they were last year."

Staubach attended Game 4 on Sunday after watching DeMarco Murray rush for a franchise-record 253 yards against St. Louis at Cowboys Stadium.

"It was a great performance," Staubach said. "He's faster than I thought. We've got a young offensive line, but once they get a little playing time together and we get everyone back, I think we're going to have a pretty good football team."

First pitchers: Dirk, Bush, Staubach

October, 21, 2011

We already knew Mavericks superstar Dirk Nowitzki would be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch before Saturday's Game 3 of the World Series. Now we know who will take part in the rest of the pregame ceremonies for Games 3-5 at Rangers Ballpark.

Former President George W. Bush, an ex-owner of the Rangers, will throw the first pitch to Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan before Sunday's Game 4. Cowboys legend Roger Staubach will do the honors before Monday's Game 5, with Rangers Hall of Famer Kenny Rogers on the receiving end.

The Rangers also announced who will be on national anthem duty. Game 3 goes to country artist Ronnie Dunn. Game 4 will be handled by actress/singer Zooey Deschanel. Actress/singer Demi Lovato, a North Texas native, will sing before Game 5.

Darren's Diary: Good first pitch, bad handoff

April, 9, 2010
Editor's note: In this week's diary, Darren O'Day talks about Opening Day, a good first pitch, a bad handoff and a bullpen celebration.

Darren O'Day
ARLINGTON -- Last week in my diary, I talked about Roger Staubach and throwing a strike. The truth is that was one of the more impressive first pitches I've ever seen. I think he's got a little something left in that right arm. He threw a nice heater right down the pipe. That's something we all struggled with Wednesday, so maybe we need to get him a uniform. It's not an easy thing to do. I tried to throw out the first pitch at a game at my college and it looked more like a pitchout, so it was impressive to see him groove one.

I thought our team did an awesome job on Opening Day. A good flyover is all about timing and they nailed it, roaring by just as the anthem wrapped up. I never fail to get goosebumps. Did anyone else notice the enormous Texas flag we had stretched across the hill in center field? I was wondering if there were any other teams in the big leagues that had their state flag at their Opening Day. I would be very surprised if they did. Texans love them some Texas. I’m starting to buy into it in my second year in the Metroplex.

For us to be no-hit for six innings is pretty incredible, especially by a guy who hadn't pitched in a year. We knew he was a good pitcher and had a plus changeup, but for him to do that to a team of such accomplished hitters was something. I remember thinking during the player announcements of Mike Young, Josh Hamilton and Vladdy about what an intimidating lineup we have. You have to be on your toes for one through nine. Shaun Marcum baffled us for a while, but we eventually got to him. Nelson's homer is the kind of homer that makes Arlington a hitter's park. He's a big, strong dude, but he put half a swing on it and almost smoked me in sitting in the bullpen. That's a good piece of hitting, knowing your ballpark and how use the jetstream.

That was a special Opening Day win for us. To get no hit for six innings and come back like that shows the persistence of our hitters. We have decided to do something about the fact that it takes us way too long to run from the bullpen out to the field on a game-winning hit. We were jumping around, celebrating by ourselves, but there was something missing. Doug Mathis decided that from now on, the bullpen will be having our own private dogpile down there. Once that is over, we’ll all hustle to the locker room for the traditional beer shower.

I was thankful for Salty getting the hit and beer shower going early in the season. My technique is a little rusty from the long offseason. I did too much shaking and didn't have my thumb placed correctly and had beer spraying all over me.

That wasn't the only thing that was shaky for me this week. My exchange when Wash pulled me from the game Wednesday was not good. He came out and put out his hand for the ball and the first thing that came to mind was to shake it. That's just a boneheaded move. Wow. He said nothing. He was professional about it. Once again, I blame the long offseason for that. Scott Feldman was ready for me when I came in and said, 'Was that a rough exchange there? What happened?' He had a good laugh at my expense.

It was an odd night for Arlington, but it felt good to see my first game action. It was windy and chilly, and I was a little overexcited for my first appearance. I was overthrowing and my ball wasn't sinking, but it got better as I went along. Luckily, I have at least 162 more games to improve.

Snapshot: Staubach throws one over plate

April, 5, 2010
Roger StaubachMatthew Emmons/US PresswireFormer Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach threw out the first pitch of the season at Rangers Ballpark -- a strike to Ian Kinsler.

Darren's Diary: Waving goodbye to Surprise

April, 2, 2010
Darren O'Day
Editor's Note: Darren O'Day writes a weekly blog entry for ESPNDallas.com. This week he looks at the end of spring training and preparing for Opening Day. O'Day said he got a little overexcited about being back in the mound (following a bone bruise) and ended up throwing too many pitches. But he was pleased with how he felt and said "it was a step in the right direction."

I'm writing this as Major League Two plays in the background, and Brandon McCarthy and I both agree that Charlie Sheen has some pretty solid mechanics. For some reason, pokerface doesn't elicit the same fan reactions as "Wild Thing". Every time I see Rick Vaughn come out to it, I get goosebumps. The atmosphere is so electric in those movies, it makes me think of all the times I've been in that situation.

As we pack up to head to Dallas, there are a few things I'm going to miss about spring training and some I will not. Phoenix golf is exceptional, especially when you have afternoons to take advantage of it. Early in camp, I got to play quite a bit, and my favorite course out here is still The Raven at Verrado. It's a really challenging desert/mountain course that is worth every penny. We had a nice group of Scott Feldman, Derek Holland, Tommy Hunter, McCarthy, myself, and former Ranger Josh Rupe early in spring and had a great time. Well, Holland and I had fun blasting drives 200 yards into the desert, while McCarthy was getting a little frustrated with our play. Apparently, it was Sunday at Augusta, and he had a one-shot lead. I guess you have to take the game seriously when you half jokingly dub yourself "The Shakespeare of Golf."

As much as I will miss Arizona, I couldn't be happier to be heading back to Texas. Opening Day is nearing, and everyone is getting antsy to play some games that count. Opening Day is awesome, for rookies and veterans alike. This is my third opening day, with a third different team. Last year I was with the Mets at the inaugural game at Citi Field. Even though my time with them was brief, to be there for a stadium opening of a such a storied organization was pretty momentus.

I just learned that Roger Staubach will be throwing out the first pitch, and was asked to give him some advice. I am totally unqualified to be giving advice. Just two weeks ago, I hit third base coach Dave Anderson with what was supposed to be an easy pitch during a team bunt drill. He was standing in the batters box, and I squared him up right in the thigh, it looked like it really hurt. Everyone had a good laugh, except for Dave. Hopefully, Mr. Staubach hits the catcher right in the mitt, and nobody gets hurt.

Staubach: 'I don't want to throw it low'

March, 31, 2010
Former Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach will throw out the first pitch prior Opening Day on Monday against the Toronto Blue Jays.

And the 68-year-old is taking that responsibility seriously.

Staubach said Wednesday that he will stand on the rubber and doesn't want to simply lob the ball to home plate.

"My arm is in good shape, so I won't have any excuses," said Staubach, who still plays touch football sometimes. "It's just the accuracy. I've got a basketball court that is just about 60 feet and I was standing there and throwing it into the fence to try to keep it level.

"I don't want to throw it into the ground, but I will stand on the rubber. I'd rather throw it over the catcher's head than in the ground. The mound is kind of high and people don't realize that. I don't want to throw it low, but I'm going to try to throw it hard. I want to throw it a little better than Barack Obama."

Staubach said he was surprised and honored to be asked to throw out the first pitch.

"I guess they couldn't get a president here this time," Staubach said.

Last year, former president George W. Bush threw out the first pitch at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

Staubach played baseball at Navy, primarily as an outfielder. He said his best year was 1962, his sophomore season, when he batted .420.

"Everything just came together that season," Staubach said. "I did relief pitch every now and then. I had a good fastball, but nothing else, so I was a one-inning guy."

Staubach threw out the first pitch prior to a San Diego Padres game about five years ago as part of an outing for his real estate company. His pitch actually hit the plate, which is why he's so conscious of not repeating that on Monday.

"I'm excited about the Rangers this year," Staubach said. "They have a good, young team. It will come down to pitching, but last year they showed they could pitch. I can also tell you I've met Chuck Greenberg a few times and I think he's going to be a good owner."

Staubach said he does not have a financial stake in Greenberg's group.

Leading off: Blanco puts glove first

March, 28, 2010
SURPRISE, Ariz. -- The glove that was Andres Blanco’s ticket to the majors and the primary reason he is now a Texas Ranger is a two-tone Rawlings. Word is, there’s magic in that glove and the Rangers want to see it, which is why Sunday’s lineup against the White Sox has him playing shortstop and leading off.

“I’m in the lineup, hitting leadoff?” Blanco repeated when he heard the news in the Rangers clubhouse Sunday morning. “Wow!”

Blanco comes with a sterling reputation as a defensive shortstop.

“The coaches say I’m here for my defense and anything I do with my bat is just extra,” Blanco said.

He did have a good winter season and was hitting well for the Cubs this spring. But he was out of options and the Cubs knew he wouldn’t get through waivers.
Gregorio Petit, another new middle infielder acquired from Oakland, is starting at second today.

Touching base on other Rangers developments Sunday:

*Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia caught four innings in a minor league game Saturday and will catch for Oklahoma City again today. The Rangers have told him he will start in the team’s A game on Monday.

*Julio Borbon is getting the day off today and Josh Hamilton will start in center. Chris Davis is back in the lineup at first, well-rested and saying, “I feel like I’m 10 years old again.”

*On the injury front: Reliever Darren O’Day will throw off flat ground Monday and the Rangers are still projecting him to be on the Opening Day roster, assuming he has no more setbacks with a bone bruise near his right elbow. Pitcher Eric Hurley, recovering from surgery to his left (non-pitching) wrist, will throw from 75 feet later today. Ian Kinsler will test his ankle sprain/bone bruise by hitting in the cage today.

*Quote of the Day: Pitching coach Mike Maddox on Darren Oliver’s 0.00 ERA this spring: “Economical work. He ain’t getting paid by the hour."

*Former Cowboys’ quarterback and NFL Hall of Famer Roger Staubach will throw out the ceremonial first pitch Opening Day at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington when the Rangers take on the Toronto Blue Jays.



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