Mighty Morphin Power Ranger set to fight

Jason David Frank, otherwise known as the Green Power Ranger from the popular kids television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, is back in the cage for his second MMA fight. His bout will be featured at an upcoming Lonestar Beatdown event scheduled for this Friday in Arlington. The actor-turned fighter had a successful MMA debut in January, winning by omoplata submission in the opening round.

If you have read my past blogs, you know that I’m not really a fan of promoters using celebrities (like Herschel Walker) as opposed to more deserving fighters, as a means to market their organization. Not that he’s in the same league as Herschel Walker, but in the case of Jason David Frank, I think he’s approaching the sport in an appropriate and respectful manner by starting within the amateur ranks.

A long time karate practitioner, Frank seems to be taking his MMA career very seriously, training with UFC fighter, Melvin Guillard. Frank is also the founder and owner of Jesus Didn’t Tap clothing line.

I personally look forward to following his fight career as it progresses; it will be fascinating to see if an actor can make a successful transition into the world of combative sports. And no, Danny Bonaduce putting a smack down on Barry Williams (Greg Brady) in Celebrity Boxing is NOT what I consider a successful transition.

Although a Power Ranger will be the main attraction for the show on Friday, there will also be two big title fights on the line. Mitchell takes on Felder for the lightweight belt and Peterson faces Hontz for the featherweight belt. If that wasn’t enough, there are a total of 14 bouts on this card to get your MMA blood flowing.

Lonestar Beatdown is an amateur series that hosts events in Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Their goal is to seek out the best talent in the state in order to incorporate them into the organizations Houston-based professional series called Legacy Fights.

Lonestar Beatdown will be held on Friday, February 19th at “The Gym” Combative Sports Arena in Arlington, Texas. For more information about the event or to purchase tickets, go to http://www.legacyfights.tv. Tickets are $25, $50, and VIP tables are available for $400.00 (seat 6). Doors open at 7 pm and fights start at 8 pm.

Fight Card:

  • HVY – Jason David Frank, RSKA vs. Chris Rose, Death Row MMA

  • 155 Title – Brad Mitchell, Dallas Jawbreakers vs. Nik Felder, Gracie Barra Texas

  • 145 Title – Steven Peterson, NDBJJ vs. Jeremy Hontz, Twin Wolves MMA

  • 185 – Evan Thompson, Machado JJ vs. Aaron Culpepper, Team Wombat Combat

  • 170 – Chris Beckem, NDBJJ vs. Elijah Fletize, Dallas Jawbreakers

  • 145- Quaint Kempf, Dallas Jawbreakers vs. Tristin Grimsley, Team Reyes

  • 135 - Eddie Gray, Texas MMA Academy vs. Billy Carl, Hicks MMA

  • 135 – Eli Tamez , Dallas Jawbreakers vs. Nelson Salas, Texas MMA

  • 170 – Joe Schnau, Twin Wolves vs. Philip Miller, Peak BJJ

  • 170 – Rob Williams, Twin Wolves MMA vs. Erick Poraqua

  • 170 – Evan Cutts, Fitness Fight Factory vs. Peywand Honargohar, Saekson’s

  • HVY – Luke Hoffman, Team Wombat Combat vs. Drew Ratichek, ACS

  • 155 – Burt McDonald, TX Fighting Syndicate vs. Moises Riza, Saekson’s

  • 125 – Steven Ngo, NDBJJ vs. Joe Trevino, 4oz