Stars lose to Red Wings, 4-1

That wasn't what the Dallas Stars had in mind. It was just an ugly game, turning in the second period as Detroit took control with two goals. Click here to view a replay of Monday's in-game chat.


  • Marty Turco didn't look great. On two of the goals, he seemed to be out of position. Even on a goal he didn't allow, a wraparound, he seemed to not see the puck. On the third goal, he looked like he had stopped it, despite making an initial mistake, but he couldn't freeze the puck and it went in behind him. He just looked off and a little slow, didn't he? He's given up three goals in six of his last seven starts. What do you think is wrong?

  • Is anyone hotter on defense right now in the NHL than Stephane Robidas? Wow. The guy keeps finding a way to get pucks toward the net, yet still playing solid on the defensive end. He makes great first passes to get the puck out of the defensive zone, and he's got good judgement as to when to pinch in and join the rush. He made a great play on the tying goal with a nice wrist shot toward Brenden Morrow. They initially gave the goal to Robidas, but it was then changed to Morrow.

  • The Detroit Red Wings, despite an inconsistent start, can still take advantage of mistakes. The Stars' defense tried to prevent some passing, but pucks got through and the Wings got chances. Early in the second period, they made nice passes, and that resulted in a fairly open net for Darren Helm.

  • Strange goal. The Red Wings had one to start the game. Drew Miller threw it toward the net and it hit a chest and a skate (Trevor Daley was caught in there) and into the net.

  • Second period. It went Detroit's way. They were more aggressive, got better scoring chances and turned the pressure up. They got two goals to take the lead at that point and the Stars needed to regroup. Stars did play better with five minutes left, getting a few more shots on goal.

  • Stars had way too many penalties. That's what happens when you're chasing the game. It seemed like the Stars were doing that. It put plenty of pressure on the penalty-killing unit, which did a good job. They killed off three power plays in a row in the second period or the game could have gotten out of hand then.

  • Stars had some defensive issues. Trevor Daley seemed back on his heels, though in fairness it was some tough bounces, too.