Is this the end for Lehtinen, Turco?

DALLAS -- The night certainly belonged to Mike Modano. But it was also possibly the final home game in a Stars uniform for Marty Turco and Jere Lehtinen.

If you had to put odds on it, I'd say there's a very good chance Lehtinen returns for another season, but this is probably it for Turco in Dallas.

Both players said they enjoyed the evening and the reaction from fans. Modano, Turco and Lehtinen were named the three stars of the game and they received plenty of ovations throughout the night.

"Where there's uncertainty and doubt, and a huge possibility of change, you tend to appreciate things a little bit more, and you notice things that you take for granted," Turco said. "With the fans tonight, that was quite a sight and spectacle that we experienced. It was kind of a storybook night for Mike at home, and for Jere too, getting the assist and scoring the game-winning goal in the shootout.

"For the three of us, it's tough to put into words, but all nine years for me kind of comes down to one night with the fans. I certainly appreciated all their applauses and their time and sincerity."

Lehtinen also said he's unsure of the future. But he was happy about the night and added that it couldn't have been scripted much better.

"With Mike scoring at the end, and in the shootout, that was great," Lehtinen said. "It was nice. And the fans, they support us. They've been supporting us all these years, and this game was huge."

Modano talked about both players and how much they've meant to him in his career. He said after he scored on the shootout, he nodded to Lehtinen as if to tell him "go get it done and win this game." Lehtinen did with a shootout goal.

"It's been a great pair, a tandem that we've had, the relationship on and off the ice," Modano said. "He's the ultimate player. I've never seen anything like it routine wise, day-to-day, than Jere Lehtinen. Someone that's taken abuse physically and just keeps coming back. His preparation is second to none, what he does ritually every day. I think him and Marty have hockey left in them."