Should Mark Fistric be suspended?

DALLAS -- Stars defenseman Mark Fistric was given a match penalty eight minutes into Wednesday's game for hitting left wing Eric Nystrom with Nystrom's helmet after it came off.

Stars coach Marc Crawford said he thought Fistric's mistake was accidental.

"I hope the league sees it that way too," Crawford said.

My bet is that the helmet got caught on Fistric's finger and he swung his arm around to punch Nystrom and the helmet hit Nystrom's head. But the replay sure looks like Fistric has a firm grip. It will be interesting to see what the league does.

Essentially, Fistric has already missed an entire game because of the penalty. I would think the NHL will take that into consideration.

Do you think the NHL will suspend Fistric? How long do you think is proper?