Newberg Report Party is online

For those of you, like me, who can't be at the Newberg Release Party, you can catch it all online here. Credit goes to Ted Price for putting that together.

Lots of fans asking some good questions of the panel, which includes Jake Krug, Chuck Greenberg and Michael Young.

UPDATE (7:50 p.m.): The silent auction is now over. And it was a good one. Greenberg, at the suggestion of some folks watching online, even auctioned off the Rangers pullover he was wearing and got $500 for it. All the money is going to charity, of course.

ANOTHER UPDATE (8:10 p.m.): Someone asked the panel to say who their all-time favorite Rangers was and Michael Young said Ian Kinsler. He said that Kinsler told him after the season that he could better than he was in 2009. And he's worked hard this offseason to make that happen. Young talked about all the things that Kinsler does that helps the team and it's clear he has a ton of respect for him.