Quillin gets extension to sign for Korobov

Peter Quillin has until Thursday afternoon to sign his contract to face Matt Korobov on Nov. 1. Joe Camporeale/USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, I wrote a blog post detailing what was going on with regard to the delay in getting the mandatory fight between middleweight titleholder “Kid Chocolate” Peter Quillin and Matt Korobov signed.

Roc Nation Sports, the new boxing promotional company owned by music mogul Jay Z, won promotional rights to the fight at a purse bid last month for $1,904,840, a dramatic overbid that easily beat Quillin promoter Golden Boy Promotions ($1,207,000) and Korobov promoter Top Rank ($515,000). Both fighters are guaranteed the biggest purses of their careers by far.

Korobov signed last week with no issues, but the Quillin side not only has not signed but had not even been in touch with Roc Nation Sports about any potential changes to the agreement. Instead, Golden Boy, on behalf of Quillin, requested that the WBO extend the signing deadline from Aug. 28 to 4 p.m. ET Wednesday, which was granted.

There is speculation from Roc Nation Sports that the Quillin camp -- namely adviser Al Haymon -- is not interested in consummating the deal. Now the Quillin side has asked for a second extension.

Golden Boy attorney Arnold Joseph wrote to the WBO (with Top Rank and Roc Nation Sports copied): “I acknowledge and thank you and your committee for the extension, which you previously granted Mr. Quillin for the execution of the bout agreement. Mr. Quillin has had to continue to address certain personal matters over the past few days and has therefore not had an opportunity to fully focus his attention on the agreement. Please accept this letter as Mr. Quillin’s final request for an extension of time until the close of business Pacific Coast Time on Thursday September 4, 2014, for the execution of his bout agreement.”

Quillin’s wife gave birth to their first child, a boy, last week. That is the personal matter Joseph is referring to, although spending an hour or two going over a contract with an attorney for a career-high payday does not seem unreasonable several days after a healthy birth.

Roc Nation Sports and Top Rank both objected to Quillin’s request for a second delay. But the WBO gave Quillin an extension on Tuesday.

Luis Batista-Salas, an attorney and the WBO championship committee chairman, responded to Joseph, Top Rank and Roc Nation, writing that the extension had been granted -- until 4 p.m. ET Thursday.

“No further extension requests will be considered nor granted,” Batista-Salas wrote.

If Quillin signs, the fight is scheduled for Nov. 1 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, Quillin’s hometown, with television plans to be determined.