Fury-Boytsov, too good to be true

Often in boxing when a fight sounds too good to be true, it is. That was my feeling when I first heard that England’s Tyson Fury (19-0, 14 KOs) would fight German-based Russia native Denis Boytsov (31-0, 25 KOs) on Dec. 1 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Keep in mind, the fight was not for a world title or even an official eliminator. So I never believed for a second that the fight -- a good one matching two of the most notable emerging heavyweight contenders -- would take place. There was simply too much risk for too little reward for both of them.

Turns out that I got one right because on Monday Universum Box-Promotion, Boytsov’s promoter, announced that the fight, which had been slated to air in America on WealthTV, will not take place.

The reason was as frank as I’ve seen. Instead of citing some phony injury or other nonsense, Universum CEO Waldermar Kluch, who took over the struggling German company not too long ago after longtime chief Klaus Peter Kohl sold it, was brutally honest, calling out Boytsov for a lack of conditioning.

“It's really a shame because it would have been a great fight,” Kluch said. “Two undefeated heavyweight hopes in a direct duel. Unfortunately, Denis is not in the shape to contest such a duel now. The bout could be placed in 2013.”

The 24-year-old Fury is still supposed to fight an opponent to be determined on Dec 1. A fight between Fury and Boytsov, 26, would have been a step up in competition for both fighters.