What happened to Peter's jaw?

Your weekly random thoughts...

&#8226; Since when did heavyweight Samuel Peter develop a glass chin? He was down three times against Jameel McCline, who is not known as a big puncher, and rocked several other times. The way Peter was dipping and swaying I thought he was Floyd Mayweather's partner on "Dancing with the Stars." Despite the three knockdowns, Peter went on to win a unanimous decision. Sound familiar? Maybe Peter will finally stop complaining about his loss a few years ago to Wladimir Klitschko, whom he knocked down three times and lost a unanimous decision to. How in the world did McCline not finish Peter? He had him down multiple times, all but out and on jelly legs with two minutes to go in the third round and simply couldn't stop him. I can't think of another heavyweight alive who wouldn't have finished off an opponent in that kind of trouble. McCline, now with four losses in title bouts, may never get another good night's sleep for the rest of his life. He's destined to toss and turn for eternity thinking about how he blew the opportunity to win a heavyweight title that was sitting there for him to take like a mint at the diner cash register.

&#8226; Speaking of Peter, do you think after Oleg Maskaev, an excellent puncher, saw him knocked down three times that all of a sudden his back began to feel a little better?

&#8226; Manny Pacquiao, crime fighter? Well, in a manner of speaking. According to reports in the Filipino media, the crime rate in Manila dropped dramatically during the telecast of the card headlined by Pacquiao's rematch with Marco Antonio Barrera last Saturday. Maybe the government ought to ask him to fight more often.

&#8226; In August, it was David Diaz sending the great Erik Morales into retirement. Two months later it was Pacquiao doing the same to Barrera. So won't it be appropriate when, in five years, Morales and Barrera are voted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame together on the first ballot? Their intense rivalry and phenomenal trilogy link them together forever. Although they have a personal distaste for each other, perhaps being honored together will eventually allow them to bury the hatchet even though nobody expects them to become bosom buddies the way Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward did after their epic fights.

&#8226; Top Rank's Bob Arum, Pacquiao and trainer Freddie Roach are weighing their options for Pacman's next fight. Here's my preferred hit list, in order: 1. A rematch with Juan Manuel Marquez if on Nov. 3 Marquez beats Rocky Juarez. 2. A move to lightweight to challenge Diaz for his belt. 3. Junior lightweight titlist Edwin Valero. 4. The winner of the Nov. 17 Joan Guzman-Humberto Soto title bout, particularly if it's Soto.

&#8226; If, at age 44, Evander Holyfield pulls off the upset and lifts a heavyweight belt from Sultan Ibragimov in Moscow on Saturday is that a testament to Holyfield or an indictment of how horrible the division is?

&#8226; Shame, shame, shame on Showtime for referring to Antonio Tarver as "a light heavyweight titleholder" who would be defending "his crown" during a promo on last week's Peter-McCline telecast to advertise the Dec. 1 card he is headlining. Tarver owns a meaningless belt handed out by an inconsequential sanctioning organization. Showtime was disingenuous to advertise Tarver as being in a legitimate title fight. The network has long propped up the alphabet organizations on its telecasts, but that was ridiculous even by Showtime's weak standards.

&#8226; I am totally psyched that John Ruiz will face journeyman Otis Tisdale as a last-minute addition to Saturday's Juan Diaz-Julio Diaz undercard. I'll be ringside for the card and the Ruiz fight will be the perfect opportunity to do so many things: take a nap, hit the restroom, check my e-mail, mingle with the Fight Freaks and maybe even grab a cool, refreshing beverage.

&#8226; Is it just me or does featherweight titlist Steven Luevano, who was outstanding taking apart Antonio Davis last weekend in his first title defense, look like he's about 14? If you looked around a crowded room, he'd be the last guy you'd think owns a world title. But after you see him fight, you know why he does. Luevano is part of the new blood in the division, which lost its star power over the past couple of years as stalwarts Morales, Pacquiao, Barrera and Marquez all moved up in weight. But the division is starting to get interesting again with the emergence of Luevano, Jorge Linares and Robert Guerrero.

&#8226; Thumbs up to HBO for giving Top Rank's idea a try and then adding to it. In an attempt to make the in-arena experience better for fans, Top Rank convinced HBO to open the microphone after fights so the post-fight interviews with the boxers could be heard in the arena. After some initial resistance, HBO went along and it's been a big hit. For example, when Ricky Hatton spoke after his win against Jose Luis Castillo in June, the crowd (mostly Brits) went crazy. Well, HBO has taken it to another level. During the final buildup to Pacquiao-Barrera II, HBO's ear-catching boxing theme music and Jim Lampley's intro to the main event were piped into the arena for all of us inside the Mandalay Bay Events Center. It just added to an already terrific atmosphere.

&#8226; Memo to super middleweight contender Librado Andrade, who rallied to knock out Yusaf Mack on the Pacquiao-Barrera II undercard: You won't offend anyone if you duck once in awhile.

&#8226; DVD pick of the week: There are few matches this year that I am more pumped up for than the Nov. 3 Joe Calzaghe-Mikkel Kessler super middleweight unification fight, so I decided to watch some Kessler this week. I picked his title-winning effort against Manny Siaca from Nov. 12, 2004, in Copenhagen. Kessler fought very well and was deadly accurate with his punches, finally forcing Siaca to remain on his stool just after the eighth round began. The DVD I have is in Danish, which I don't understand. However, there was one memorable line uttered in English. Why this happened, I have no idea, but the Danish broadcaster was so excited when he realized that the fight was being called off and that Kessler had won the title blurted out loudly in perfect English, and I quote, "Mikkel Kessler is the f------ champ of the world!"