Marquez: 'I'd like to keep going'

LAS VEGAS -- Ahead of Saturday night's bout against welterweight titleholder Timothy Bradley Jr. (HBO PPV, 9 ET) at Thomas & Mack Center -- and his attempt to win a world title in a fifth weight class -- Juan Manuel Marquez talked about several topics with ESPN.com.

Marquez recently turned 40. How much longer does he want to fight?

“I feel like going as long as I can. I do everything I need to do to keep in shape. I think I can fight for a while longer. I will decide this in the future but I feel great at 40. I don’t think I ever trained better. I’d like to keep going. After the last [Manny] Pacquiao fight [in December], my family wanted me to retire. I wanted this last one and maybe a few more.”

What did Marquez think of the controversial Bradley-Pacquiao decision?

“I think it was a good fight and both guys did a lot of good work. There’s nothing anyone can do about the judges. You can’t talk about something you don’t know because you can’t see what they see, but I definitely thought Pacquiao won by a couple of rounds. I think I would have given the nod to Manny that night.”

Marquez is 1-2-1 against Pacquiao, but knocked him cold in December’s fourth fight. Is he open to a fifth?

“I think that Pacquiao chapter is over. I don’t see me going back to that. I think I will see how I do with Bradley and what is out there after.”

What did Marquez think about Bradley’s brutal slugfest with Ruslan Provodnikov in March?

“It was a good fight, an excellent fight, but do I see myself in that kind of fight? I don’t know. It depends on how Bradley comes to fight. If he wants to box, we’ll box. If he wants to go toe-to-toe, we can do that. I have various strategies to make the fight my fight.”

Does Marquez think Bradley was damaged against Provodnikov, and that he is getting him at the right time?

“I think there was plenty of time to recover and get back to where he was. I expect the best Bradley, like he should expect the best of me. We are both at the top of our games and I think it will be a very entertaining fight.”

How did Marquez feel scoring such a massive knockout of Pacquiao?

“The power was something I didn’t expect. I was actually concerned when Manny was down and not moving. But I was so happy the way everyone enjoyed the fight. It was just a great moment in my career.”

Marquez has lost controversial decisions to Pacquiao and Bradley won one against him. Is Marquez concerned about the judging?

“I always put my faith in the judges. They are pros and do their job like we are pros and do our job in the ring. I hope that they see what happens in the ring and they do it right. That’s all you can hope for.”