As he rehabs foot injury, Peyton Manning says he's 'trying to be a good teammate'

"[I] try to be a good teammate, try to answer any questions Brock may have or [quarterbacks coach] Greg Knapp may have," Peyton Manning said. "[I] try to help wherever I can." Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- As Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning deals with recovery from a tear in the plantar fascia of his left foot, he's trying to pitch in. Manning said his focus is on getting healthy and trying to be a "good teammate" as Brock Osweiler run the offense.

Manning, who spoke for just under 10 minutes Wednesday on a variety of topics, said he was "proud" of how Osweiler has played, especially in the team's Sunday night win over the New England Patriots.

"It's was a great win. Brock, I'm proud, happy for the way he's played and proud of the way the team has played," Manning said. " ... Happy for everybody."

Osweiler has efficiently run the offense in both of his starts. He had 250 yards passing and two touchdowns in the Broncos' victory over the Chicago Bears to go with 270 yards passing and a touchdown in the win over the Patriots.

His finished a five-play, 83-yard drive with a 4-yard touchdown pass against the Patriots with 1 minute, 9 seconds left in regulation. The TD briefly gave the Broncos a 24-21 lead.

And after the Patriots tied the score with a field goal on the last play of regulation, the Broncos won in overtime on a 48-yard touchdown run by C.J. Anderson.

"Peyton was one of the most excited people in the locker room after the game on Sunday," Osweiler said following practice Wednesday. "He was ecstatic for the team … he's the ultimate teammate … he's supporting everybody along the way."

Because it was a home game and he was not undergoing rehab because his foot was immobilized in a cast, Manning participated in all of the meetings leading up to the Patriots game. He was in the locker room two hours before kickoff and sat with Osweiler during halftime.

Manning has been in the team complex this week, with a walking boot on his left foot. He said Wednesday the boot will come off Friday and rehab will be plotted at that point.

"[I] try to be a good teammate, try to answer any questions Brock may have or [quarterbacks coach] Greg Knapp may have," Manning said. "[I] try to help wherever I can. You can't help as much as you can when you're playing on the field, but those are kind of things I've been trying to do."

Manning said he had not spoken to Broncos coach Gary Kubiak about traveling to San Diego this weekend.

"We're trying to get him healthy where he can get back on the field where he can work with us," Kubiak said. " … With the boot he can go through rehab, with the cast he couldn't. So that's what he's doing and the next step is when the boot comes off.

"I can tell you right now, we talk every day. And they know what we're doing, Peyton knows exactly that we're trying to get him as healthy as we possibly can … And Brock knows that he's the starting quarterback for this team, this week. We're all in getting ready for San Diego."