Broncos think folks seem to forget they won Super Bowl

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Plenty of the discussion about the Denver Broncos this offseason has been about who is gone.

Peyton Manning retired just before quarterback Brock Osweiler, defensive end Malik Jackson, linebacker Danny Trevathan and safety David Bruton Jr. left in free agency.

And a panel of ESPN’s NFL editors, writers and analysts appear to believe those departures matter more than who stayed. In the post-draft Power Rankings, the Broncos checked in at No. 8 -- behind all three teams the Broncos defeated in the postseason -- the Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 6), the New England Patriots (No. 1) and the Carolina Panthers (No. 2) -- to secure the franchise’s third Super Bowl trophy.

It has been a theme the Broncos players have carried with them already this offseason in the wake of their championship. Cornerback Chris Harris Jr., on multiple occasions, has referenced a lack of acknowledgement that the Broncos, even with Jackson's and Trevathan's departures, will have nine starters returning to the league’s No. 1 defense.

Even as recently as Monday, safety T.J. Ward said; "We still don’t get the credit ... (We want to) just be better than last year. That’s what we want to do. Be better than last year.

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak has said the Broncos "have a good team, a team that knows how to go about its business. This team works when it’s time to work. We just have to maintain that, the rest doesn’t come to you until you put in the work, and I like the way this team works."