Morning Roar: Bush discusses Kiffin firing

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Reggie Bush played for Lane Kiffin at USC and considers his former offensive coordinator a friend.

So when Kiffin was fired from USC on Sunday, Bush was both a little sad and a little surprised.

"Obviously you hate to see that happen to a friend and a guy, he's a good guy," Bush said Wednesday. "Obviously it's a tough deal. The university felt they had to move on, so I'm sure he'll bounce back."

Kiffin was USC's offensive coordinator in 2005, when Bush won the Heisman Trophy (which he eventually returned to the Heisman Trust after NCAA sanctions were announced against USC in 2010 due to Bush). Bush seemed surprised that the university, if they were unhappy with Kiffin, didn't wait until the end of the season to remove him.

"I was a little surprised," Bush said. "You just think that maybe if a team or a university is not happy, they might just wait until the end of the season. That's kind of a bad way to go out, but I think he'll be OK."

USC fired Kiffin after USC lost 62-41 to Arizona State, dropping the Trojans' record to 3-2 and 0-2 in the Pac-12.

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