Morning Roar: Martin Mayhew said the Cowboys deserved to win

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Like many others in the Detroit Lions organization, general manager Martin Mayhew said he had heard from the league office this week following the multiple mistakes in officiating during the team's 24-20 playoff loss to Dallas on Sunday.

And in hopefully what is the final word on the picking-up-the-flag controversy, Mayhew said the Cowboys deserved to win.

(For what it's worth, don't call this “Flag Gate.” There are only two things that should have -Gate attached to it -- Watergate and anything with an actual, you know, gate. Or "Barbarians at the Gate," a great film starring the late James Garner. Anything else, just don't do it.)

Mayhew said he had an email exchange with the league's director of officiating, Dean Blandino, and that he thinks the penalty calls will overshadow the performances of Tony Romo and Golden Tate in the playoff game and that it was a good, entertaining football game.

"When the penalty happened there were eight minutes left in the game when they got the ball back," Mayhew said. "We had every opportunity to do something to overcome that and do something positive to win that game and we didn’t. They made the plays down the stretch.

"They deserved to win and they deserved to advance, so that’s the nature of our business, you know? I’m from the old school of, ‘No excuses, no explanations.’ Did you win the game? No, we didn’t win it. They won it, they advanced. We hope to see them next year at some point.”

The Lions and Cowboys are not slated to play next season -- Detroit will face Philadelphia out of the NFC East -- so the only way that would happen would be in the preseason or the playoffs.

And now, a look at Lions news from around the Interwebs on this snowy Friday in Michigan: